Ceres Organics

"Sampling with I AM Co. allows us to gain quick, consumer insights into newly launched products. The 1000 samples provide us a great base of initial feedback – the monthly reports are succinct and super useful for presentations and further decision making around products. It’s an ongoing challenge to reach consumers on social media outside of our own channels and I AM Co. helps us to do this with minimal effort on our end – always a bonus! I AM Co. puts us straight into the hands and mouths of exactly the right target consumer - buyers interested in health and wellness with a bit of money to spend! These types of shoppers are key to the success of our products and I AM Co. allows us to reach them first and awareness naturally spreads from here. We also love collaborative activities outside of the sample box, we’re looking forward to being part of I AM Co’s continued growth and marketing activities. We enjoy a very easy partnership with I AM Co. We send the product to the same address each month and I Am Co. do their thing. Emma and Chantelle are on the ball, we receive the report promptly at months end and they’re always speedy with queries and communication. We choose to include the I AM Co. Delight Box features as part of our marketing strategy as we love their boutique look and feel. They focus on meaningful and useful recipes and experiences for consumers rather than just shoving a bunch of products in a box. There’s a lot of care in what they do each month."


"In home sampling is recognised as a key touch point in our target’s path to purchase and allowed our consumers to trial the product in their own time and environment. The Delight Box subscription service is a fantastic sampling option targeting females that are interested in health and wellbeing, and given the Tasti brand has recently expanded its portfolio into better for you, wholefood based snacking options, we felt that I AM Co. could help us drive awareness and trial of our wholefood products with the right target audience in mind. The Delight Box and its supporting social content has proven to be a valuable option for Tasti and one which the business will certainly utilise again for future opportunities. Given the brand exposure Tasti has achieved via the Delight Box subscription service and its supporting social content, Tasti will certainly look to use I AM Co. for future sampling opportunities to drive awareness and trial of its products."

Matakana Superfoods

"We love featuring our products in the Delight Box as its subscribers perfectly match our target audience. Unfiltered comments that come along with the Delight box report are very useful when we do a product review or a new product launch."

Bees Brilliance

"For us, the I AM Co campaign proved to be more popular than expected. I think the bee month campaign made it a good fit for our brand. We also were given the chance to get product into the hands of a totally new demographic, which haven’t experienced the brand before. Please keep Bees Brilliance in mind if you’ve got any other fun marketing campaigns coming up."

The Breadman Organic Bakery

"Overall my feedback is that the promotion was well worth doing as we connected with a new customer group. We hope that over time this will generate some new sales, and I realize that I need to change our game if I want to create an 'Insta-brand'. So, much food for thought for us, and on a separate note, I very much enjoyed working with you, and look forward to doing it all again at some point."

Greenleaf Organics

"I just wanted to say thank you so much to the team at I AM Co!! We absolutely loved being part of the monthly Delight Box and you made it a breeze. We loved seeing all the photo’s you guys provided and the honest feedback about Switchel was just brilliant, much more detailed than I thought I would receive. I’m in talks at the moment with a lady who owns a business and she received our drink in the August box and is considering stocking us in her store, I actually didn’t think the box would open up these kind of opportunities, I really was doing it so people would taste our drink and support our stockist over other drinks but now it's also creating new stockist. After I received the box myself, I reached out to another company that was featured in the same box and they joined with us at The Taste of Auckland. This was also unexpected but what a great way of connecting companies together. I would recommend partnering with I AM Co. and featuring in the Delight Box as it’s far better than a one- dimensional print campaign with in-home sampling giving great results. We chose to partner with I AM CO. as a new and exciting channel and they have a great social media network. The feedback on our product exceeded our expectations."

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