Our mission is to inspire and empower you to take control of your health.

To live a more fulfilled life where you believe anything is possible.

To encourage inner confidence, self-love and inspiration.

The Delight Box

The Delight Box is a health product sampling subscription box. It has been designed for those who need a little extra nourishment in their lives.

We use our nutrition and wellness expertise to carefully hand select and fill each Delight Box with up to 10 of the latest and greatest health foods and natural beauty products for you to discover, sample and even review (if you feel inclined). All products are naturally derived and free of additives, preservatives and other hidden nasties.

Our promise is to deliver nutrient dense and body nourishing products that we love ourselves….then we let you decide!

We look for brands that share

at least 2 or more of these values:

Free of additives and preservatives


Refined sugar-free




Locally sourced

Each product has been carefully chosen to support you in awakening your glowing and beaming self.

Why I AM?

Here at I AM Co. we are firm believers in the power of the mind, which is where the concept of I AM comes from. Through the use of affirmations, we hope to empower you to take control of your thoughts and amp up your self-love!

I AM are two very powerful words, which roughly translate to SOHUM (soham) in the yogic tradition. This is a well-known universal mantra – a phrase repeated for a focused positive effect on the mind and is usually translated as I AM That, I AM You, I AM One.

Explaining the beautiful fact that we are all connected in the Universe as one.

We all know that healthy food alone won’t create lasting changes in our bodies. We must first change our internal thoughts towards ourselves to manifest long-lasting change.

Using personal affirmations daily can be transformative and game-changing. After all, it’s up to each individual to shape their own lives, beginning with these positive thoughts.

What affirmation suits you today? Repeat it mentally: I AM worthy, I AM

loved, I AM enough, I AM grateful…

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