The Delight Box

The Delight Box is a monthly subscription box filled with up to 10 carefully selected health foods and natural beauty products.

Females who LOVE to nourish themselves with a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook. The Delight Box is an exciting way to discover and sample the latest and greatest health products before you buy. We hand select each and every product that goes into the box with a stringent criteria to ensure you will love them all.

One-off = $39

Monthly subscription = $35 per month

3-month subscription = $100 quarterly

6-month subscription = $190 bi-annually

All prices include free shipping (except rural delivery which will incur a fee).

Each Delight Box comes with an information card complete with all product details, including where you can purchase from. You will also often find bonus discount cards and coupons for individual products.

Easy! Click here and simply choose your subscription plan and payment option. If you are gifting your Delight Box to someone else, please click here and proceed to fill in the receiver’s shipping address and your personal message to them.

Unfortunately we cannot switch any products out of the Delight Box, however we do our best to find products that are suitable for everyone. While we cannot take responsibility for your personal food allergies, dislikes or intolerances, we aim to find the most natural products that are free of preservatives, refined sugars, gluten, dairy, pesticides, artificial sweeteners and any other hidden nasties.

We reveal the contents of each monthly Delight Box around the 7th of that month and will continue to take orders for that box until the 20th . If you simply cannot wait to find out what’s inside, you are welcome to wait until then.

The Delight Box is all about discovery with an element of surprise! While we are confident that you will love everything inside, we cannot guarantee this, which is why we have the ‘Review & Reward’ System. This is a great way for us to find out what you love and what you don’t so much.

You will find all the details for every single product on the info card inside your Delight Box, including where you can purchase from. You will also find direct links to the brands and where to purchase them on the Brands We Trust page (scroll down to find them!). Simply click on the logo and follow the link!

Any orders made before the 20th of any month will be sent within two days. Purchases made after this date will wait until the following months box is ready. However, please always enquire with us, if we have leftover stock from the previous month we’ll be more than happy to offer you a sneaky ‘past-month box’ for your gift.

Yes! This is one of our favourite parts. If you’ve bought the box for someone else, we will handwrite a personalised note from you. If you have purchased a 3- or 6-month subscription for a loved one, we will also let them know how many months of Delight they have to come.

Subscription & Billing

Easy! Head to the SHOP, choose your subscription plan and follow the instructions. You can subscribe to an ongoing monthly plan or choose a longer subscription, pay upfront and save! The choice is yours.

Cost and availability! Each month we only have a limited number of Delight Boxes to sell so if you’re already subscribed, you don’t ever have to worry about missing out. You can also save money by purchasing a 3- or 6-month subscription. The more you buy upfront, the more you will save.

Absolutely! Our cancellation policy is simple.

If you are on a monthly subscription you must cancel the payment at least two days before your next payment is due. If you are on a 3- or 6-month subscription that you have already paid for upfront, you can cancel anytime during your subscription period and still receive your remaining monthly Delight Boxes. If you do not cancel within this time, at the end of your subscription period it will roll straight over into a renewed subscription of the same length.

**Please note if you cancel before you review your products for the month, you’ll no longer have access to this area of the site.

To cancel your subscription, go to ‘My Account’ and login, then head to your ‘Orders’ and click ‘Cancel’ on any order which you’re no longer wanting. Make sure you cancel at least two days before your next payment is due to come out.

If you’re on a monthly subscription, the payment will come out of your account on the 27th day of every month. This is payment for the following month’s Delight Box.

If you sign up for a monthly subscription somewhere between the 21st — 27th of the month, your payment will not be taken until the last day of the month i.e. essentially your payment is on hold until the end of the month (you will see this come up as an initial charge of $0, then on the 27th you will get a renewal notice of the actual charge of $35)

If you’re on a 3- or 6-month subscription, the payment will come out of your account on the 27th day of the month.

Yes! You will pay just $35/month for an ongoing monthly subscription and this is our most popular option. Remember to select ‘Monthly Subscription’ and your payment will automatically come out at the end of each month. See previous questions for cancellation policy.

If you have made an order between the 21st and 27th of the month, your initial payment of $35 will not come out until the 27th. All payments going forward will be debited on the 27th of the month for your monthly subscription (unless cancelled prior).


Any orders made before the 20th of the month will be sent within 2 working days to your specified address (delivered within 3 – 4 days). Any orders made after this date will wait until the following month’s box is dispatched, which is during the first week of the month.

Unfortunately not – there are just too many goodies to fit inside! The box will generally get left at your doorstep (as it gets sent with a ATL – meaning ‘Authority to Leave’ ).  If you’d prefer to sign for your box, please let us know in your delivery notes section.

You can either email us and arrange for us to hold off on sending until you arrive home, or we can send and you arrange for a friend / neighbour to collect.

Easy – login to your account page here and fill in the new details, the sooner we know the better.

We use Courier IT – they find us the very best courier company for your area – you will most likely see your package arrive with FASTWAY Couriers as we find them most reliable.

All orders are dispatched within 2 business days of payment receipt, unless otherwise notified.

* Friday orders will always be dispatched on Monday.


Residential or Commercial addresses : 2-4 business days
Rural addresses : 4 – 5 business days

Expected delivery times are estimates.

Shipping is free for all residential and commercial addresses. There is a surcharge of $4.75 per box added for rural delivery addresses – this is added at check out.

We deliver nationwide throughout New Zealand only at this stage.

There is a surcharge of $4.75 per box for rural delivery. If you sign up to a subscription – the fee will automatically be added on a per-box basis at check out.

Reviews & Reward Points

No! But we recommend you do as each review means extra points towards a bonus gift in your next box….plus it gives you a chance to share your love (or not so much) of the products to the brand owners.

To review the products in the box, you’ll need to LOGIN to your account. If you signed up to the subscription yourself you’ll already be loaded in the system – so you may need to set yourself a username and password to get it going. You then click on the ‘REVIEW’ tab and you’ll see the line up products to be reviewed – click through to answer the short questions and start earning points. You have until the 9th of the next month to review your products and to earn the points.

You should have received a small card in your box with your special coupon details.  You’ll need to click on ‘GIFTED A BOX?’ tab and click the appropriate length of subscription that you have. Then follow instructions to get access into the ‘members’ area and to earn points. If you didn’t receive a card, just drop us an email.

The products will become available for review from the 10th of each month. This ensures we won’t spoil the surprise for our subscribers of what’s coming up! Simply login and get reviewing! This also means you have until the 9th of the following month to review your products.

The value of the bonus gift may be anywhere between $3 – $15.  It will always be a surprise!

We definitely recommend reviewing each of them, but if that’s not your style – reviewing one or two is also fine…the products will remain on your account until the following month.  Please note there will be between 3 – 9 very short questions to be answered per product.

There are different points allocated to your account for different actions, not just reviewing.

Signing up for a subscription (3, 6, 12 month only) = 5 points

Gifting a subscription plan = 5 points

Reviewing a single product = 1 point

You will need a minimum of 30 points to claim your bonus gift, which will be sent in the following months box.

You will need a minimum of 30 points to be able to claim the bonus gift in next months box. Each time you reach 30 points and claim your reward, your balance will go back to zero.

You’ll need to login to your account – click on ‘MY POINTS’ and then check out how many you have. Once you have reached 30 points, you can click ‘Claim bonus gift’ and this will let us know automatically.

You collect and claim your points as usual and we pop the extra gift in your next months box, no stress needed!

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