November Delight Box 2020

Goodbye OUCH Sun Balm

It’s so important to protect yourself from the harsh impacts of the sun. So, why not protect yourself with an NZ made, and all-natural product from Goodbye? Sun Balm meets the ASNZ 2604:2012 sunscreen standard, which includes broad-spectrum coverage. It is highly water-resistant, which means it doesn’t run into your eyes and will keep you protected even when you are in the water.

These are all super handy sizes for outdoors. And it goes a remarkably long way. It can be used on lips, faces and hands every day for weeks!

Tasti Nut Butter Bars Chocolate & Pretzel

Three layers of deliciousness what more could you want?

The new flavour of Nut Butter bars from Tasti are super delicious! They’re perfect for all those snacking moments when you feel like something a little indulgent. Basically, they’re full of creamy and crunchy layers of deliciousness, made with real nut butter…yum!

Graze Skinny Dipped Almonds Berry Dusted Dark Chocolate

We think the team at Graze have hit the nail on the head, sussing out these delicious almonds, thinly coated with dark chocolate and a whisper of freeze-dried berry. They’ve stripped some layers to go skinny on the chocolate, but not on the taste!

So, get the skinny and take the plunge. You know you want to! There are many more flavours to try, check them out here at Graze.

Karma Drinks Kombucha

Refreshing and delicious, Karma Drinks Kombucha is full of live probiotic cultures, because a healthy gut is a healthy you. With less than 1g of sugar per bottle and using only natural sweeteners, this feel-good fizz will become your new drink of choice. Check out all on offer from the team at Karma Drinks (you can even buy directly from their online store!).

Ceres Organics Plant Protein Burger Mix

Delete your food delivery apps people. Now you’ll always have fresh, fast burgers at your finger-tips thanks to Ceres Organics. You can make 4 regular patties, 8 sliders, or one giant as patty (not recommended).

These plant-based babes are real wholefoods – no numbers or fake fillers. The taste? A crunchy, seedy perfect pairing to the rest of your homemade creations.

You’ll need: Just water! OMG so economical.
(Plus whatever extras it takes to make your burger dreams come true).

Phoric Natural Energy Drink

Phoric is a new kind of energy drink – using the power of organic Guayusa leaves and natural ingredients to give you your daily energy boost. There’s now no need for those addictive and preservative-filled energy drinks to boost concentration and attention. Phoric is your clean alternative completely New Zealand owned and operated. 100% natural, nothing artificial with 5c for every bottle sold donated towards Mental Health in New Zealand. Head on over to their website HERE and try all the fantastic flavours!

Bar Counter Choc Brownie Crunch

Put those tummy rumbles to rest with a delicious, nourishing snack from The Bar Counter. A perfect guilt-free treat or tummy-filler, these bars are available in a range of combinations to suit your nutritional needs. Whether its high in protein, low in sugar or simply a fantastic source of fibre you’re looking for, they’ve got you covered! Take a look at all The Bar Counter has to offer.