Five Gorgeous Ways to Set into Spring (Finally!)

Thanks to this latest lockdown it can almost feel like we’ve skipped an entire season. We’ve been living in suspended animation, in our yoga pants, hoping for low case numbers and lightened alert levels. But while we’ve forgotten time, the Earth has kept on traveling around the sun. The days are getting longer, the freesia are in bloom and spring has arrived. 

The changing of the season marks an energetic shift, in our environment and in us. It’s a great time to check in with ourselves on both a spiritual level and a practical one to prepare for the changes the new season will bring.

Here’s 5 ways we like to celebrate spring by feeling our best:

  1. Take a Forest Bath.

Forest bathing is a great way to connect with yourself by connecting with nature. 

It’s not really a bath and it doesn’t have to be in the forest. Essentially it’s a nature walk with mindful intent. Find an uncrowded place with interesting natural features. You’ll need to leave behind (or at least turn off) your phone so you can be fully present. Feel free to wander and If something catches your attention, pause to take it in. Make room for all your senses…touch the bark of a tree, listen to the birds or closely examine a rock.  If you go with a friend, agree not to chat until the end of the walk. 

  1. Bring the Outside In.

Plants and flowers bring a vibrant energy into your home. Treat yourself to a fresh plant or even a bright bunch of blooms from the market. Many trees and shrubs are flowering this time of year. A few cuttings from your own back yard can add a seasonal burst of beauty to your space. 

  1. Sunscreen.

We’re all about to be spending a lot more time outside. Make sure you’re ready by going through your sunscreen. Look at expiration dates and throw out anything old, dried-out or separated. 

  1. Eat the Season.

The best aspect of spring might just be the arrival of good, affordable seasonal produce. At long last we’re seeing favorites like asparagus, capsicums and tomatoes that don’t require a second mortgage! Farmer’s markets are coming alive with unexpected varieties of fruit and vegetables. Plan a trip to your local farmer’s market ASAP for inspiration.  

Chuck it (literally and figuratively).

Go through your wardrobe and clear out anything that doesn’t make you feel your best. Just do it. You will feel lighter without that dead weight hanging in your closet. It will make finding your favorites easier and give you a clear idea of what you need to add for spring and summer. Now apply the same principle to the rest of your life…take a little time to reflect. What would you like to let go of? What’s not serving you that you are ready to leave behind? 

Spring is the season of renewal and regrowth. It’s the ideal time of year to set intentions, recommit to yourself and try something new!