February 21 Delight Box

Tasti Made Simple Lamington

A fresh new look and improved recipe.  Simply good, nutritious wholefood bars with nothing to hide.

Tasti Made Simple Lamington Wholefood Bars are, well… Made Simple! 

Just four ingredients, pressed together for a perfect anytime snack.

Check out the NEW Look and Improved Recipe – available at your local supermarket now!

Annies Fruit Strips

Fruit Strips are all the Annies fruit flavours cut into little strips. Made for little hands, the resealable pouch bags are great for kids on the go. The bite-sized strips are also the perfect lunchbox staple.

Annies – nothing but fruit.

Munchme Almond Blueberry

Forget modern-day additives and ingredients you wouldn’t put in a dish yourself.

Munchme – ALMOND BLUEBERRY is an artisan-crafted range of nut and seed clusters that deliver amazing taste and wholefood nutrition. Centuries-old methods are used to create the kitchen-crafted, nutritious clusters. Custom made rice malt binds the ingredients together – not glucose syrup or honey; and the subtle balance of sweetness and salt doesn’t overwhelm the pure flavours that nature intended. The unique nut and seed clusters are packed with wholesome and natural ingredients to keep you powered through your day. Recharge with munchme® after your gym routine, yoga class, during morning break or afternoon fade. 

There’s many more flavours available. Check them out here.

Bee Kiwi Manuka Honey Lip Balm

An opulent lip balm enhanced with the superb antiviral and antimicrobial action of Bee Propolis, which forms a protective barrier to help protect the lips from dryness and cracking, especially in dry or cold climates. This liquid balm is further enhanced with the healing properties of New Zealand Manuka Honey to nourish and moisturise, the emollient qualities and barrier qualities of nature’s liquid Wax Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E to protect from sun and environmental damage. 

Lightly scented and delightfully smooth, the easy applicator allows the balm to glide easily and hygienically onto lips to provide long-lasting hydration and a continuous soft and healthy feel.

Bee Kiwi products are New Zealand made, take a look at the full range.

Red Seal Fruit Lovers Variety Pack

Do you prefer a chilled brew, or something a little more steamy? Red Seal Fruit Lovers combines 4 of their popular fruity blends to enjoy either hot or cold. This is the perfect pack for sharing with your family and friends, or for keeping in the office!

Check out the full range from Red Seal.

Proper Crackerbread

We’re pretty excited about the new product Proper Crisps have added to their line up, this time it isn’t a fried crisp! We welcome a Danish cracker made with recycled grains. Who doesn’t love more savoury snacks!

Here they are – take a look!

Locako Collagen Coffee Salted Caramel

Coffee in a sachet, life has never been easier.

Locako’s Nootropic Infused Collagen Coffee, Single Origin Coffee with Cognitive Enhancers to Boost Energy, Brain Function, Memory, and focus and of course with Locako’s popular coffee creamers.

Combining the finest quality single-origin coffee with added clean ingredients such as MCT’s, Hydrolysed Collagen, Taurine, L Theanine and Siberian ginseng.

Lovin’ all Locako products right now!

Em’s Power Cookies – Original Sports or Hemp Cookie

Em’s Hemp Cookie was the first Hemp Protein Cookie to market in NZ! Hemp is nature’s powerful nutritious superfood containing all 9 essential amino acids, the correct balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, high in B vitamins, minerals, naturally low in sugar and gluten-free.

But then there are the Power Cookies. Why are they called Power Cookies? They’re dense, nutritious, delicious, compact, high-energy, sustaining and pack a lot of power. That’s why! The Original Sports Cookie is famous for its classic scrumptuliciousness. Great as a breakfast cookie, with a coffee as well as for die-hard adventurers.

See all on offer from Em’s Power Cookies here.