December Delight Box 2020

Narin’s Scottish Oatcakes

Nairn’s oatcakes are the perfect blank canvas for toppings and a great alternative to bread – plain or fancy, you choose – try experimenting with anything you can put in a sandwich! Or, a simple soup or salad with a Nairn’s oatcake on the side makes for a more satisfying meal as oats are packed with good carbs that release energy slowly which can help keep you going for longer! Find out more about the full Nairn’s range right here.

Organic India Tulsi Tea

Tulsi, also called Holy Basil, is one of the most sacred plants in India and is considered “The Queen of the Herbs” for its restorative and spiritual properties. Also spelt Tulasi or Thulasi, it has been used for thousands of years to support a healthy response to stress, natural detoxification, and restore balance and harmony. Three sacred varieties of Tulsi with restorative powers are blended to create this deliciously calming, yet energising infusion of Tulsi Original tea. With hints of lemon and citrus from Vana Tulsi, the slightly spicy tones of Krishna Tulsi and the calm depth of Rama Tulsi this tea infusion will help relieve stress and uplift your mood.

Available to purchase through their online store.

Jeremy’s Whipped Honey for Toast

Jeremy’s Whipped Honey for Toast: the new taste innovation from Christchurch artisan honey company, J. Friend & Co. We’re calling it co-founder Jeremy’s greatest mistake though: an experiment in over-aeration that whipped a batch of honey into a cloud of featherlight deliciousness.

It transformed in texture. It held onto its fluffiness – especially when refrigerated – all the way to the bottom of the jar. It spread onto toast in a whisper-like layer that perfectly complemented the crunch.

Created using direct-from-the-hive honey, Jeremy’s Whipped Honey for Toast is launching in two flavour varieties:

Bee mellow Softly sweet and subtly floral.

Bee bold Our richer blend tops your toast with a deep but rounded flavour.

So there you have it – proof that great things can come from what just isn’t done, Toast it, Taste it, and you’ll swear Jeremy did this all on purpose. Find out more about Jeremy’s accidental stroke of genius click the link here.

Zeffer Non-Alcoholic Cider

This is the first locally produced 0% alcohol cider in New Zealand. Zeffer 0%* Crisp Apple Cider is crafted from local Hawke’s Bay apples and fermented before the alcohol is carefully removed using highly advanced spinning cone technology.

This process removes the alcohol while having minimal impact on the flavour. This refreshingly off-dry cider is lightly sparkling and full of flavour with a delicate sweetness.

It’s also vegan, gluten-free and has only 39 calories per can. Available in a 4-pack of 330ml cans. RRP $12.99. Available at all New World stores and Zeffer’s online store: Click here

Moon Turtle Mini: A 7-Day Mood Journal

A 7-day guided journal to help nurture mental wellbeing.

Moon Turtles are for anyone—probably over age ~14—who would like to actively nurture their mental wellbeing and resilience. A wise man once said, “…Don’t let mental illness become a prerequisite for taking care of your mental health.”

Moon Turtle meets you wherever you’re at.

Moon Turtle creates space for you to nurture your mental wellness. It wants to come into your life and help you make a comfy, safe and happy home for yourself in your own mind. Just how much it has to do with moons and/or turtles is entirely up to you. This makes the perfect gift! Check out more about Moon Turtle Mood Journals here.

Ahhh Cosmetics Shampoo Bar

With plastic choking our oceans, every day’s a bad hair day for the planet. Switching to a shampoo bar will help reduce the rubbish, No more boring beauty products that dry your skin out! Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a range of fun, luxurious bath and beauty products that left your skin feeling deliciously clean and hydrated?

Well, there is… The products at Ahhh Cosmetics are not only vibrant but are also an all-natural treat for your skin!

Ahhh Cosmetics Shampoo Bars are cruelty-free, beautifully handcrafted and 100% made in NZ, using natural or organic ingredients. They are fun, vibrant and smell divine whist leaving you feeling relaxed and your hair silky and nourished. See all the Ahhh Cosmetics have on offer right here.

Tasti Dried Apricots

If there is such a thing as perfect food, it may be the apricot. Lightly sweet but not candylike, packed with fibre and nutrients.

Unfortunately, fresh apricots are fragile. They bruise easily, and they won’t survive the day stuffed in a handbag for midafternoon consumption.

Luckily, there is an easier way to enjoy the many upsides to apricots. When you buy dried apricots, you get the same health benefits and nutrition as you would with fresh ones. Dried apricots have calcium, which strengthens your bones and preserves nerve function. They also include magnesium. Magnesium has calming qualities that can assist anyone who feels anxious or stressed. It can also aid with muscle spasms and cramps, in addition to providing relief for insomnia.

So how will you enjoy your Tasti Dried Apricots? Try out our easy 3 ingredient Christmas Cake, toss them through your favourite salad with a handful of sunflower seeds or simply enjoy as they are.