April Delight Box 2020

Larrys Gold Hemp Lip Balm

Protect and nourish your lips all year round with Larrys Gold hemp lip balm.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Aluminium free
  • Made in NZ
  • Vegan

Organic hemp seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids and omegas 3,6 and 9 – essential for healthy-looking skin and is described as ‘nature’s most perfectly balanced oil’. It contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals including vitamin E, vitamin D3, magnesium and zinc. 
When used in a lip balm, hemp seed oil restores, nourishes and protects your lips, helping to keep them soft and smooth.

Lips are particularly sensitive to moisture loss because the skin is thin and they’re exposed to elements more so than other parts of your skin. By locking all this goodness in with shea butter, coconut oil and candelilla wax, Larrys Gold lip balms are easily absorbed into the lips acting as a barrier and prevent moisture loss. See all the amazing products on offer from Larrys Gold.

Annies Fruit Jerky

Minimally processed and New Zealand made. Annies unique air-drying process preserves the natural taste and texture of the fruit.

Fruit Jerky is chunky, succulent pieces of Annies. It’s a mash-up of all the Annies fruit flavours in one pouch. A lucky dip where every handful is a fruity exploration. Perfect for sharing on a hike, at sports practice or at movie nights. Or to simply devour all on your own. You can even purchase directly from their website right here.

Skinfood Sheet Mask

This concentrated mix of pomegranate & peach, with collagen, comes together to help restore goodness to the skin, leaving it replenished & rejuvenated – all in one 15 minute bamboo sheet mask.

Superfood pomegranate is jam-packed with antioxidants to encourage the formation of collagen in the skin, and its rich source of fatty acids help to reduce inflammation while also protecting & restoring damaged skin. Peach extract is also loaded with healthy vitamins, minerals & essential fatty acids to support the skin.

Collagen adds structure to the skin, giving it elasticity & plumpness and as we age this natural collagen production can decline, but adding collagen into our skin’s diet helps skin to remain smooth, plump & reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Buy all of the amazing Skinfood products via their website.

Knowrish Well – One of the following:

Crafted from superfoods and the highest quality ingredients, Knowrish Well work tirelessly to provide you with the tastiest vegan and gluten-free treats.

Shroom Brew – Craving a comforting morning pick-me-up without the crash? This caffeine-free, adaptogenic blend will leave you feeling energised, calm & content all day long thanks to the synergistic combination of medicinal mushrooms, stress-less herbs & superfoods.

Mystic Matcha – Favour a gentler caffeine enhancement with this mystical blend of organic ceremonial grade Matcha, adaptogenic herbs and cordyceps mushroom to help your gypsy soul sail through the day. This vibrant green, a healthy coffee alternative is packed with antioxidants thanks to matcha and indulgently creamy leaving you with a plant-powered focus.

Better Cheddar – It ain’t easy being cheesy. Until now, with this vegan Better Cheddar powder blend. This cheese bomb masterpiece is perfect sprinkled onto your next savoury dish or transformed into a gooey cheesy sauce. You’ll never have to say no to those cheesy cravings ever again.

Beauty Nectar – Collagen depletes as we age, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have lit-from-within, dewy skin. Protect and replenish your natural collagen with Beauty Nectar™, a nourishing and transformative plant-based blend of bio-fermented Hyaluronic acid and superfoods, Phyto-Ceramides, powerful antioxidants, and essential vitamins for hair, skin and nails including Vitamins A, C and silica.

Check out everything on offer from Knowrish Well.

Bennetto Mint and Cocoa Nib Chocolate

This delicious chocolate, generous flavours and the beautiful artwork on the packaging! Beautiful Peruvian dark chocolate balanced with pure mint oil and a good splattering of crunchy cocoa nibs. No added soy, gluten or dairy.

Bennetto love to innovate with new ideas, original flavours and ways to enjoy all things natural and edible without anything added that really shouldn’t be there. Natural-creative-deliciousness always takes high priority. Check out all the flavours on offer from Bennetto.

Dr. Hauschka

The Eye Make-up Remover gently and reliably cleanses the sensitive skin in the eye area. In the same step, it cares for the skin with light, fast-absorbing oils, leaving the skin feeling pleasantly cleansed and silky smooth.

Melissa Day Cream calms while helping skin discover its natural balance. Oily shine is controlled and dry patches are hydrated for a calm, radiant complexion. Melissa Day Cream is the ideal skin care product for sensitive combination skin with a tendency toward dryness, shine and redness.

Dr. Hauschka has an amazing, all organic & cruelty-free range – take a look.

Kiwi Quinoa

Kiwi Quinoa is grown by Dan and Jacqui Cottrell in the volcanic soils of the Central Plateau, New Zealand. It’s also grown spray-free using farming practices that benefit the environment and result in a delicious and nourishing quinoa. It has a deliciously mild and nutty flavour. It is a saponin-free variety of quinoa which means no bitter aftertaste. Kiwi Quinoa is very light on the stomach and is easy to digest. Use Kiwi Quinoa in place of rice, couscous, potatoes or pasta. Use it as a base for just about anything, or a protein boost. Throw it in a salad or curry, make porridge or gluten-free baking, use it as a crumb or in a quiche. Kiwi Quinoa is fit for every occasion – from summer BBQ salads to winter warmer soups and chili’s. Find out more here.

Proper Crisps Cheeza-Peno Tortilla Chips

Proper Crisps believe you shouldn’t have to settle for over-processed, artificially-flavoured potato chips. You’re worthy of Crisps without Compromise!

These Tortilla Chips are crafted in the same, traditional way they’ve been made in Mexico for generations. Did you know the humble Corn Tortilla has been a staple food in North American and Mesoamerican cultures for centuries? Proper Crisps Salted Tortilla Chips are seasoned a vegan-friendly blend of nutritional yeast, spices and dried Jalapeño peppers.

Once the last morsel has been devoured, simply pop the packet in your garden compost and it will naturally decompose – how eco is that!

Check out the range from Proper Crisps right here.