Warming Ginger & Peanut Noodle Stir Fry

This is a delicious and warming meal, so simple and easy to whip up in a matter of minutes for a weekday meal. It’s full of nourishing veggies, warming ginger and garlic, as well as a hint of chilli. This recipe features our favourite Pic’s Peanut Oil,  this oil is cold-pressed and made with the same hi-oleic peanuts used to make their famous nut butter. This oil gives it a delicious rounded flavour and provides you with a dose of healthy fats.


1 head broccoli

1 carrot

1 handful green beans

1 cup button mushrooms

1 cup edamame beans (frozen & shelled)

2 portions of brown rice noodles

4 tbsp Pic’s Peanut Oil

4 tbsp tamari

1 – 2 knobs raw ginger

1 clove garlic

1 small chilli (optional)

Handful of fresh coriander (optional)

Handful of organic roasted peanuts


1. Roughly chop the broccoli into small pieces (including the stalk), peel and slice the carrot into thin sticks, chop the ends off the beans, clean and roughly slice the mushrooms and set all veggies aside.

2. Peel and roughly chop garlic and ginger; deseed and slice the chilli. In a pan heat 2 tbsp Pic’s Peanut Oil and then slowly brown the garlic, ginger and chilli (being careful not to burn).

3. Once slightly browned, add ¼ cup of water along with 2 tbsp tamari to the pan then add the carrot, broccoli, green beans and edamame and place the lid on top. Leave to steam and soften the veggies for a few minutes.

4. Meanwhile, cook the rice noodles as per individual instructions (in a pot of boiling water), then once soft – throw the noodles in with the vege and pour the remaining peanut oil and tamari over top. Give it a good stir to combine the flavours and then divide into two bowls and garnish with loads of fresh coriander and crunchy peanuts to finish. Delicious!

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