Raw Chocolate Crackle Clusters

Raw Chocolate Crackle Clusters

Amazing morsels made of raw chocolate and crackle cluster goodness.

These are an easy one to whip up when you’re craving something crunchy and chocolatey.

You will need to get a few ‘unusual’ ingredients to make these the crackle goodies they are- but otherwise you’ll likely have everything you need in the cupboard.

Raw Chocolate Crackle Clusters

The ‘unusual’ ingredients are mainly – raw activated buckwheat which you can generally buy in bulk at the health store OR you could also just use raw buckwheat, but it won’t have quite the same crunch.  And for the chew factor you’ll need- puffed buckwheat – which we found at the markets last week – made by ‘Te Atatu Toasted’ – just like ‘Coco Puffs’ made the healthy way.  These are worth investing in as you can use them for all sorts.

Raw Chocolate Crackle Clusters


Raw chocolate

3/4 cup cacao butter

3/4 cup raw cacao powder

3 tbsp sweetener (coconut nectar)

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp nut butter (optional)


3/4 cup puffed buckwheat (we used Te Atatu Cacao puffs)

1/2 cup chopped nuts (raw cashews, almonds, brazil nuts)

2 tbsp raw activated buckwheat (we used Little Bird Organic Sprouted cereal)

2 tbsp dessicated coconut

2 tbsp chopped goji berries

1 tbsp raw cacao nibs


1. First make the chocolate – melt down the cacao butter until runny, add sweetener, nut butter and coconut oil – mix together well and then add cacao powder.  Mix well and taste to check – a pinch of salt always goes well here to bring out the flavour. Set aside.

2. Throw all crackle ingredients into a large mixing bowl, and mix together thoroughly.

3. Pour the runny chocolate mixture into the crackle and mix well with a wooden spoon. Once everything is well coated in chocolate – your ready to place them in a mould.

4. Get a mould, I used an extra mini muffin tray – and take one large scoop of the mixture and place into mould. Press down lightly with back of spoon – this will get messy. Any leftover you can flatten out on some baking paper for ‘crackle bark’.

5. Place in the freezer. And then after 15 mins, these beauties should be ready to go!

Raw Chocolate Crackle Clusters

Oh, deliciousness. I imagine the kids would LOVE this – it reminds me of those chewy childhood rice cakes (minus all the sugar and nasties).

If you make these, please share your creations with us Tag @i.am.company XO