Raw Choc Orange Bites

If you’re a fan of the old JAFFA (chocolate / orange) flavour combo like me..you will LOVE these bites.

There’s something about the bitterness of cacao and the sweetness of orange that makes these just perfection. 

This recipe uses an entire orange, which I love, but you could also use a high-grade essential oil (such as DoTerra, Wild Orange – mmmmm).

If you want a more intense, rich flavour and smooth texture, you could most definitely skip the almond meal, I just found it brought a little lightness to them which I like – but it also adds a grainy texture.  So you may need to taste test and see.


90g almond meal

70g raw cacao butter

3 tbsp raw cacao powder

1 whole orange (washed)

2 tsp honey melted (or coconut nectar, brown rice malt syrup etc)

How to:

~ Slowly melt cacao butter in a double boiler situation or on a very low heat, until it is fully liquid, then leave to cool slightly.

~ Once cacao butter has cooled, mix in the almond meal, cacao powder and honey – mix fully.

~ Grate the outer rind off the orange and set aside, then cut open and squeeze the fresh juice from one half into chocolate mixture. Cut the other half of flesh into tiny pieces and add this to the mix (this step in optional).

~ Once it’s all combined, scoop the mixture evenly into ice cube moulds or mini cupcake moulds- take the rind and sprinkle over top of each individual choc.

~ Place the moulds into the freezer and wait until they’re set and ready (about 15 mins).  The cacao butter will harden quite quickly, so once this happens- just keep these in the fridge.

~ They should last about 2 weeks fine, but are definitely better fresh and i’m sure they won’t last that long in your fridge !

P.S. You could double the mixture to make more – this only makes about 8 glorious pieces.

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