Plant-Based Nourishment Bowls

Plant-Based Nourishment Bowls, Buddha Bowls, Abundance Bowls, Glory Bowls…what ever you call them. These are basically a giant bowl of GOODNESS.

Which i’m a BIG fan of.

These are a staple in our dinner / lunch menu at home, as they’re easy to whip up and leave you feeling super nourished & full-bellied.

You can make them heavier and heartier for the cooler months or lighten them up for the summer.

By using what vegetables are in season, you’ll find you make the most nutrient-dense and most flavourful bowl.

Everyone, including your non-vego friends will LOVE these.

Nourishment Plant based Bowl

There’s a few components that you’ll need to make the ultimate bowl.

You’ll need a BASE.

Usually a grain. I like quinoa, brown rice, millet or any other grain you fancy.  Preferably something wholegrain and nourishing.  *You can make this ahead of time and have it ready.

You’ll need STARCH.

I like sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, parsnip or something similar.  I like to roast these veggies to bring out their soft sweetness.  *You can make these ahead of time and have them ready.

You’ll need GREENS.

Lots of greens.  Anything like spinach, kale, silverbeet, bok choy or broccoli will work. You can keep these raw or very lightly heat them so they just wilt.  Keep them a little crunchy.

You’ll need VEG.

This is where you get creative or remove the contents of your fridge to use what you can. Tomatoes, avocado, radishes, asparagus, peas…whatever you fancy here. You can make it as complex as you like!

You’ll need NUTS & SEEDS.

Definitely a key part here, I like using sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds as well as lightly dry-roasted almond pieces.  But again, any nuts or seeds will go well!

You’ll need a BEAN / PEA

I like to use chickpeas, you can buy these organic in a can or cook them yourself.  Then you can fry these off in some spices like turmeric, cayenne, paprika and salt.  You could also use organic edamame beans, fresh green peas or even black beans.

You’ll need a killer DRESSING.

Yum! Again your chance to get creative.

Using a base such as olive or flax seed oil, then add your acidity (ACV is my fave) and your spices (turmeric, cayenne, salt), tahini, tamari and maybe a little nutritional yeast.

This is your choice – so long as there’s PLENTY of it. Make more than usual, as you’ll want to drizzle it over everything and give your bowl it’s hit of flavour.

From here, you’ll need good bowls (preferably wide-rimmed bowls), you can then begin arranging…throw everything in to the bowls or (preferably) layer them around the bowl (as pictured).

Generously pour the dressing over and ENJOY.

SO nourishing and SO delicious.

x Georgie

If you make these, please share your delicious creations! What’s your favourite combination?

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