Banana Pear Instant Bircher

This instant bircher is SO easy and SO delicious.

You really can add anything you like, but this particular version is a winner with the kids! they’ll love it because it has a natural sweetness from the fruit and is full of flavour. It’s the perfect brekkie on the go or when you’re feeding the troops over the weekend.

You can make this in minutes and eat it right away or keep in the fridge for up to two days.  If you’re making for a larger group- just double or triple the recipe.

It’s wonderful if you’re needing to nourish yourselves for a big day of exams, hiking, boating or any activities that you have going on.

Banana Pear Instant Bircher

Ingredients: (serves 2)

~ 1 cup rolled oats (instant oats) – gluten-free if needed.

~ 1 small banana (mashed)

~ 1/2 pear (grated)

~ 3/4 cup water / milk of choice (I like almond)

~ 1 tbsp goji berries

~ 1 tbsp raisons

~ 1 tsp cinnamon (or more)

~ Optional toppings: Ground flax seeds, coconut chips, goji berries, yoghurt, fresh fruit, dollop of nut butter…. or whatever you like.

How to:

~ Mash the banana with a fork in a bowl, then add the grated pear, oats, water/milk and mix it all together.

~ Add the gojis, raisons, cinnamon and mix well.

~ This is now ready to eat, feel free to add any toppings or if you’re saving it for later throw it into an airtight jar and store in the fridge for up to 2 days.

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Hope you enjoy x

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