5 Ways with Tahini

We LOVE Tahini.

It’s just such a star in the pantry.

Tahini is made from ground down sesame seeds. This is turned into a paste and ‘voila you have yourself a delicious nutrient dense spread.

I personally use it for sweet or savoury meals and to give anything that extra creamy and rich flavour.

Not only does it taste and feel awesome in your mouth, it’s FULL of good nutrients.

When choosing which one to buy you’ll notice there’s both ‘Hulled’ and ‘Unhulled’ options.

Unhulled means it’s in its raw and natural form so is more nutrient dense, but can also mean the flavour is a little more bitter and with a runnier texture.

The hulled version is a bit more creamy and palatable on it’s own & is great for mixing into dips -although you lose some of those brilliant nutrients.

I like to use both, for different purposes.

Quick facts on the nutrient profile of (unhulled) Tahini…

~ It’s one of the richest sources of Calcium there is.

~ It’s super rich in essential minerals such as phosphorus, lecithin, magnesium, potassium and iron.

~ It’s full of energizing B-vitamins and the skin smoothing Vitamin-E.

~ It’s rich in protein and healthy fats, so will keep you full for longer and aid in maintaining healthy skin tone, muscle tone and repair.

Our favourite ways to use Tahini….

  1. 1. Use it in a dressing

If you’ve never tried tahini in a salad dressing, you absolutely MUST.  It truly transforms any salad dressing to make it delicious and creamy without being overpowering. Try mixing it with a little olive oil, apple cider vinegar, tamari & tumeric.  Pour this over salad, vegetables or crunchy kale.  De-lish.

 2. Bliss balls

If you normally use nut butters in your bliss ball recipes, try switching out with tahini to give them a different flavour.  You can pretty much use spoon-to-spoon swap outs.  Yummo. Look out for a Choc-Tahini bliss ball recipe coming soooon.

3. Smoothies

Throwing a spoonful of tahini into a smoothie can transform it and if it’s in the morning will give you long-lasting energy (I like to use Hulled Tahini in this case).Try this Choc Protein Smoothie – Try blending 1 banana, 1 heaped tbsp tahini & a scoop of chocolate protein powder with 1 large glass water & ice. YUM.  This is a great post-workout fuel-filled beverage.

4. Dips

We all know Tahini is a star player in hummus and baba-ganoush, but what about regular creamy dips.  One of my favourite all time dips is this Tahini Lemon Yoghurt dip.  Mix 1-2 tbsp tahini, 4 tbsp plain greek yoghurt and squeeze half a fresh lemon.  Mix vigorously and dip in fresh veggie sticks.

5. Porridge

Mixing a tablespoon of tahini into your morning bowl of porridge, will once again transform it.  Try the Carrot cake porridge recipe with tahini. Sounds funky, but tastes delicious.

Tell us…What’s your favourite way to use Tahini ?

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