Raspberry Chia Jam

A delicious and easy way to enjoy jam without the sugar overload.

This is made with fresh or frozen raspberries and chia seeds to thicken it up – like a jam!

It’s made in under 5 minutes and then just needs an hour to set in the fridge…

This would be a GREAT addition to your hot cross buns, scones or muffins this weekend….

Or on top of a hot bowl of porridge, crumble or coconut yoghurt parfait!



~ 1 cup raspberries (fresh or frozen)

~ 2 tbsp chia seeds

~ 2 – 4 tbsp water

~ 2 tbsp raw honey (or sweetener of choice).

How to:

~ Defrost raspberries if frozen and then pop everything into the blender and whizz until combined – you may need to scrape the sides.

~ Scoop it all out and pour into a bowl or jar.  Cover and place in the fridge until set (about 1 hour).


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