September 19′ Box

Nature’s Harvest Turmeric Latte Mix

This stunning Turmeric Latte Mix is a unique blend of 7 anti-inflammatory spices that you can use to make any part of your day golden! ⠀

Mix it up hot, pour it over ice, try it in a smoothie or spice up your veggies ⠀

Turmeric is the main ingredient which has been researched to benefit muscles and joints, the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, and more. Plus, it’s mixed with cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, cardamom, black pepper and chilli for maximum absorption, health benefits and flavour! These ingredients support local organic farmers in Sri Lanka.⠀

Nature’s Harvest have created their business to provide scholarships for youth through programs that empower and inspire young people to believe in themselves. For every pack upto $3 is donated to Magic Moments Foundation. The purpose – to eradicate bullying and teen suicide by teaching youth how to discover their Greatness within.

To read up more and support this amazing brand click here.

Dr Organic Toothpaste

One of six different flavour variants of this Dr Organic Toothpaste is available in your September Delight Box – Pomegranate / Coconut / Aloe Vera / Dead Sea / Charcoal or Tea Tree.

Pomegranate – Using only the purest organic bioactive Pomegranate, Dr Organic have carefully blended this antioxidant-rich ‘superfruit’ with natural bioactive organic ingredients to create a formulation that rejuvenates and restores the gums and teeth, whilst leaving the mouth feeling clean and fruity mint fresh. 

Tea Tree – With a lemon-mint flavour this fresh toothpaste will leave mouths feeling fresh and super clean. With the anti-bacterial properties of tea tree regular brushing with this great can help to protect against plaque, tartar, discolouration, cavities and bad breath.

Charcoal – Providing long-lasting, naturally bioactive protection, Activated Charcoal forms a fundamental part of your daily oralcare regime. Boosted with the addition of organic and natural extracts such as Icelandic Moss and Peppermint Oil, Dr Organic Charcoal Toothpaste leaves your teeth clean and naturally white, fresh with a strong minty flavour.

Aloe Vera – This formulation combines the purest polysaccharide rich organic bioactive Aloe Vera with a complex blend of bioactive organic plant extracts. Our totally unique tingling fresh toothpaste soothes and revives the gums whilst leaving your teeth clean and naturally white.

Dead Sea – This exclusive formulation combines the revitalising, deep cleansing properties of our Dead Sea Minerals with a complex blend of bioactive, natural and organic plant extracts. This completely unique, mineral-rich toothpaste revitalises and revives the gums while leaving your teeth clean and naturally white.

Coconut – The Organic Coconut Oil Toothpaste by Dr. Organic whitens the teeth with its special, natural formula while soothing the gums at the same time. Silica gel, Iceland moss extract and peppermint oil only make up a few of the natural ingredients that provide oral protection and care.

Find out more about these products and the range from Dr Organic here.

Nil Beeswax Wrap

Nil award winning Beeswax wraps are handmade from pure organic New Zealand beeswax making them 100% food safe. Perfect for wrapping snacks and meals for infants, kids and children of all ages. They contain no plastic or BPA.

With the just the warmth of your hands the beeswax food wrap sheets will wrap snuggly around your food. Store them in the fridge, lunchbox or picnic basket. Wipe clean under cold water with a soft cloth and a little soap – the wax surface residue makes this incredibly easy. Simply wipe to dry.

The beeswax used to create nil Beeswax Food Saving Wraps is a natural by-product of honey production. This sustainable process causes minimal impact on the environment and gives the beeswax food wraps a light honey scent.

When you buy a nil it comes with a story.  You invest in a life of change.  All Nil products are made by mothers who are often on a benefit and struggle to find work.  We invite you to not just buy something good, but to do something good. Consumerism is faceless.  But a nil product is real, personal investment in transforming lives.

Nil would love to hear your feedback on the wrap here.

100% Pure NZ Honey with + Ginger and Lemon

These cooler months are made just a wee bit better by the addition of New Zealand’s famous UMF Manuka honey mixed with tangy lemon and ginger. Ideal as a warming, aromatic addition to tea or hot water or delicious as a spread. Or, get creative and add this superior goodness into your meal or smoothie.

Be assured that when you purchase a 100% Pure NZ Honey product you are purchasing real Manuka honey. Unfortunately, some companies label as “Manuka” when they actually blend with inexpensive, non-Manuka honeys. Real Manuka Honey is solely from the the nectar of the Manuka flower, which only blossoms 2-6 weeks per year. Look for the UMF™ symbol on your jars for authenticity and verification.

Shop the range of amazing honey products here and use the discount code ‘IAMCO10’ to receive a 10% discount.

WDOM lactose free creamy whole milk 5% fat

Introducing the NEW & IMPROVED Lactose Free Creamy Whole Milk! Consumers are becoming more aware of ‘good fats’ and the associated health benefits of dairy & WDOM have been quietly listening.

With an increased fat content: now 5.0gm/100ml (up from 4.4gm/100ml) – WDOM have created a more delicious, milky & creamy flavour. You’ll also see an increase in the protein further boosting the natural health potential of the milk.

What we put into our bodies is important to the team at WDOM and compromising with artificial ingredients does not make sense to to them. As such, they do not use the ‘standardization’ approach; rather, they retain the all-natural good fats offered by the milk.

Bees Brilliance Beauty Elixir Mist

Goodness me what a treat! The Bees Brilliance Beauty Elixir Moisture Mist softens the skin and refines the appearance of pores for a dewy, glowing complexion. It is powered by Bees Brilliance Chiwi-8 Complex, which is an infusion of New Zealand’s botanical extracts and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The ultimate moisture mist to feed and wake-up the skin at any time of the day. Oh, and lets not forget to mention that this stunning product was a finalist in the 2019 NZ Best in Beauty Awards so we’re super excited to share this with you and see what you think.

Don’t forget to check out the entire Bees Brilliance Range by clicking the link here. You can browse by skin concern, application or range, and enjoy treating yourself to products from New Zealand’s favourite natural honey skincare brand.

Aporo Apple Snacks

The easiest way to stay healthy during the day is to have healthy options readily available and you can’t get much healthier or tastier than these scrumptious crunchy apple snacks from Aporo. They select from New Zealand’s finest apples, they then freeze dry and pack them in a foil bag, sealing in the flavor for a healthy, crunchy and delicious snack.

The ingredients? New Zealand Apples, and Lemon Juice, that’s it!

Check out the other products on offer from Aporo right here.

Harraways Kamahi honey and golden syrup oat sachets

Oats! We can’t live without them and thankfully Harraways have provided us with 20% more serves in a recyclable, less wasteful box alongside in compostable sachets. That deserves a HUGE thumbs up from us! The latest to hit the Delight Box and fitting in nicely with our ‘Bee Awareness’ month is the super satisfying Kamahi honey & golden syrup single serves.

The new larger sized single serve provides you with 17% (female) or 14% (male) of fibre needed by an average NZ adult each day as recommended by the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation. Grab your 7 servings pack today from a participating New World or Pak’N Save supermarket nationwide.

Want to know more about Harraways products? Just click here. We’re impressed by their commitment to a sustainable business approach and you can learn more about this by visiting their website. When you support companies that are committed to making a change for the better you’re contributing to change!