September ’18 Delight Box – Bee Aware Month ????

Ceres Organics Honey Toasted Muesli

Thanks to wonderful bees for their sweet contribution to this muesli. Their yummy-honey plus organic oats, seeds and fruit makes for a bee-autiful breakky! Add in your own fresh fruit and yoghurt and you’re away flying. Put the good in your ‘good morning’. PLUS this delicious muesli is now sold in home compostable packaging. The re-sealable, see-through pouch, has the transparency and barrier properties required to display high quality packaged food and ensure it stays fresh without the use of any unnatural additives.

Designed to help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, the compostable bags are made from renewable resources, such as cellulose, a renewable raw material from trees, and GM-free corn sources. The combination of heat, water, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms in a typical home compost bin or worm farm provide the ideal conditions for decomposition, and they should break down in just a few months.

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Tasti Smooshed Protein Balls – Salted Caramel & Almond

Enjoy these delicious wholefood balls made with just a handful of real, natural ingredients. Plus with a big boost of 10g of plant protein per serve. The prefect on-the-go size pack, re-sealable for extra freshness. GMO Free, Vegan, with no added sugar. Yum!!

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Bees Brilliance Super-Fruity Lip Rescue

An amazing on-the-go moisturising super-balm that rescues dry, cracked lips, plus protects during wild adventures. Perfect for protecting your pout in all seasons!

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Bees Brilliance Manuka Mini Mask

This is one fabulous product. A pot of pure liquid gold, the active Manuka Honey instantly coats the skin for the ultimate moisture boost and intense nourishment. This wonderful product was a finalist in the 2018 Pure Beauty Global Awards.

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Tom & Luke Roadie Protein Bars

Fuel your day with Tom & Luke’s latest creations. They’ve gone back to their roots and created a simple protein bar with ingredients you can understand. With 12g of protein, no added sugar, (they use dates to retain the fibre content), gluten-free & no preservatives, the Roadie Bar is designed to Fuel Your Day.

Perfect mid-morning, mid-afternoon or as a little boost before or after some exercise, our Roadie Protein Bars are a healthier snack option to get you through the day. Can be suitably enjoyed by both men and women!

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Patch Organic Bamboo Plaster Strips

PATCH organic strips are the natural approach to wound care. They’re made with 100% certified organic bamboo fibre, one of the fastest growing, renewable resources on the planet. Added with extra natural goodness in the form of coconut oil, aloe vera and activated charcoal. The ingredients are all made from natural elements with historically proven benefits that soothe symptoms and assist with wound recovery.

PATCH has been engineered to be the most sensitive and natural wound care alternative on the market, appealing to all skin types both young and old. Say goodbye to any red marks from your typical plasters!

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Happy Valley Wildflower Field Honey

Wildflower honey has a rich, sweet flavour and aroma that lingers on the taste buds. This rich amber honey has a fragrant multi floral flavour and aroma. It’s a delicious blend of the nectar collected fresh from the wild flowers which grow abundantly in the remote valleys and fields of New Zealand. Pure deliciousness!!

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Mossop’s Manuka UMF 15+ Honey Lozenges

Mossop’s UMF® Manuka honey lozenges are made in New Zealand using UMF® Manuka honey, world-renowned and laboratory certified for its unique properties. Propolis, a product naturally derived by the bee and used to protect the hive from bacteria, has also been added. These lozenges are great to help lubricate and sooth irritated throats.

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Grin 100% Natural Strengthening Toothpaste

Meet the newest member of the Grin family – a big thumbs up to the 100% Natural Strengthening Toothpaste, designed to combat bacteria and strengthen teeth naturally with key ingredients; Hydroxyapatite, organic sea salt and Magnolia bark extract. Don’t let the scientific word ‘Hydroxyapatite’ fool you, it is in fact a naturally occurring mineral form of calcium apatite and this is the main mineral that our dental enamel is made of! It’s the best alternative to fluoride and has been proven to provide the necessary minerals to remineralise subsurface areas of the tooth, restoring the enamel to its near natural state without changing the composition of the enamel.

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