June 2019 Delight Box

Remedy Drinks – Blood Orange Switchel

We agree with Remedy and think their yummy Blood Orange Switchel tastes like a certain orange fizzy we all knew well in childhood.

Thankfully, this version is ‘I Quit Sugar’ approved and loaded with all-natural live cultured healthy goodness, thanks to raw organic apple cider vinegar, and fresh organic ginger.

For more information on the amazing Remedy range of drinks and to check out their fabulous new website click here.

Ceres Organics Fritter Mix

If you’re thinking for frits sake, what should I have for dinner?! Check out this super tasty Fritter Mix from our awesome friends at Ceres Organics. Made predominantly of mung bean flour, all you need to add to the mix is water! Add some amazing super sides and you have a nutritious, hearty and herbalicious meal in minutes! They’re a substantial yet simple meal ready to be whisked together at any time.

To take a look at the other amazing Ceres Organics products and to shop online click here.

NZ Apple Products Freeze Dried Gold Kiwifruit

This super tasty kiwifruit is preservative, additive and gluten free with no added sugar, ideal for an everyday snack. The only thing you’ll find in the packet is 100% kiwifruit – it’s been freeze-dried, creating a unique crunchy texture and natural flavour experience. Pop these in your handbag or the kids lunchbox for a great on-the-go snack.

For more information on the range of yummy products from NZ Apple Products click here.

Tasti Made Simple Protein Bars – Caramel and Sea Salt

These minimally processed yummy bars are free of refined sugar and Vegan friendly. Made with simple, real ingredients plus a boost of plant protein to keep you going throughout the day, we can rely on these to be a wholesome snack.at you see is what you get with these yummy bars! Just simple, real ingredients plus a boost of plant protein pressed together to create a tasty, nutritious wholefood bar that will help you power through the day!

For more information on the fantastic range of Tasti products click here.

Jeunesse LUMINESCE™ advanced night repair cream

This advanced night repair cream is one serious treat for you to enjoy, valued at over $167 it’s one high-quality product! This refreshing night cream helps skin repair signs of aging all while you get your beauty sleep. It contains deeply hydrating, skin-conditioning ingredients and diminishes the look of fine lines with Jeunesse exclusive APT-200. Wake up to skin that looks more youthful and feels smoother.

Key benefits of this beautiful cream include:
– Restores luminosity
– Replenishes with vitamins and antioxidants
– Hydrates with moisturizing ingredients
– Free from harsh and drying chemicals, phthalates, parabens and sulfates

For more information on the fabulous range of products from Jeunesse and to shop online click here.

Brookfarm Gluten Free Porrij

Brookfarm is one amazing company. Their mission to create quality, nutritious products is complemented by its active role in sustainability, protecting the environment and engaging with communities.

Their delicious gluten free porrij is a nutritious combination of quinoa and amaranth, organic golden flaxseed and wholesome brown rice flakes. They then add almonds and macadamias and a dash of cinnamon to create a truly yummy gluten free porridge, which will power your day. Macadamia nuts and oil are cholesterol free and one of the world’s richest sources of monounsaturates, important in a healthy diet.

For more information on the wholesome, yummy range of Brookfarm products and to shop online click here.

Blue Dinosaur Sour Cherry Paleo Bar

The Blue Dinosaur philosopy is to start with a collection of beautiful ingredients that your body wants to eat and combine them into a bar for your convenience.

They only ever use whole food ingredients and our bars and bites never contain gluten, soy, dairy, preservatives, added sugars, colours, stabilisers, flavours, or anything artificial.

Made with only five natural ingredients the Paleo Bars are the perfect pre-workout fuel, 3pm snack or just a general hunger buster!

The Sour Cherry flavour is a tour de force of sour cherries and its flavour practically bursts in your mouth! A huge amount of sour cherries combined with organic coconut and organic vanilla make this bar decadent and moreish with a cheeky, sour bite. You’ve never tasted a bar like this, it’s an experience you won’t regret taking!

For more information on the amazing range of Blue Dinosaur bars click here.

VitalZing WaterDrops

The VitalZing WaterDrops were born from a desire to create a water enhancer that only had natural ingredients and no nasty preservatives, sugars or colours. These WaterDrops are a natural product with no sugar, preservatives, carbs, colours or artificial ingredients. We all know we need to drink plenty of water to keep our bodies hydrated and the WaterDrops are a great way to add a bit of interest to yuor glass or water bottle! They’re available in a range of eight different flavours.

For more information on the VitalZing range of products and to shop online click here.