January ’18 Delight Box

Adashiko Collagen + Noni Gel

Adashiko collagen works from the inside out to promote healthy ageing and wellness. This nourishing Collagen + Noni Gel will exfoliate, tone, hydrate, repair and regenerate, giving you supple and smooth skin with long-lasting moisture and hydration. Use morning and night for the best, natural anti-ageing results.

Ceres Organics Raw Goodness Bar

These delish bars from Ceres Organics are so simple, power-packed with superfood ingredients to energise your day. Featured in the January Delight Box were the Cacao Protein and Banana Chia flavours. Bonus: They’re all packed in environmentally friendly compostable packaging made from renewable resources, so they’re good for you and the planet too!

Ceres Raw Goodness Bar

Sugar Free Karma Cola

For you fizzy lovers out there, Sugar Free Karma Cola is just for you! There is nothing artificial or nasty in these bottles of YUM and just like the original Karma Cola, part of the proceeds from each bottle go to the families who grow the cola in Sierra Leone. You beauty!

Karma Cola Sugar-Free

Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Pick Me Up Body Oil

Ideal for daily use after bathing or showering in place of a lotion, this lush Aromatherapy Body Oil is formulated with natural and organic ingredients to provide hydration, moisturisation and nourishment. Organic rosehip and avocado oils are blended with pure sweet almond and apricot kernel oils to keep your skin soft and nourished.

Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Body OilProper Crisps Parsnip Crisps

Yummy! 100% NZ Grown Parsnip. Each batch of these beauties is hand stirred and cooked in a High Oleic Sunflower Oil with a sprinkle of Marlborough Sea Salt – that’s all. The ideal, crunchy summertime snack!

Matakana Superfoods Organic Maple Water

This brand new hydrating drink on the market has all your hydration needs sorted for summer. Packed full of electrolytes and low in calories, the subtly sweet sap from the maple tree is quickly becoming the popular health drink for people on the go. Featured in the January Delight Box were Cranberry & Blueberry, Lemon Tea, and Pure.

Matakana Superfoods Maple Water

Tasti Apricot & Cacao Smooshed Wholefood Balls Multi-Pack

Looking for a lunchbox filler that’ll go down an absolute treat with the kids? Look no further. These Tasti Smooshed Wholefood Ball snack packs are healthy, convenient and tasty. They’ll also fit perfectly in your office snack drawer!

Tasti Smooshed Wholefood Balls

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