Heart Health Delight Box – February 2020

Grove Avocado Oil

Boost your ‘good fats’ with Grove, 100% pure, heart-healthy avocado oil!

The avocado is considered a super fruit. Its nutritional benefits are well documented and wide-ranging. The versatile avocado is the only fruit that provides a substantial amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. Avocados are naturally nutrient-dense food and contain many vitamins and minerals.

Use avocado oil for just about any culinary purpose including BBQ, sautéing, pan-frying, baking, roasting, marinating, dipping, garnishing, health and well-being. The mild, neutral taste of avocado oil makes it incredibly versatile & good for you! See the range of Grove Avocado Oil here.

Harraways Oat-Activ Sachets

Oats. You must know by now Oats are our jam. Harraways Oat-activ® has been specially designed to help lower cholesterol with the addition of natural plant sterols. Combined with beta-glucan, the combination of these two active compounds can help reduce LDL cholesterol with just two of the sachets a day as part of your daily intake of 3g beta-glucan, or 2g of plant sterols. In case your wondering, LDL cholesterol is the type that can be deposited in your arteries if it’s too high and it’s a risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease. Eat ya oats! Eat Harraways Oat-activ®.

Barker’s Of Geraldine Immunity Syrups

You may easily think the new range of immunity syrups from Barker’s Of Geraldine will be laden with sugar. But think again, instead, the clever team have packed this range with Vitamin C! In case you were unaware, Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for health. It helps form and maintains bones, skin, and blood vessels so get drinking! Dilute to taste with still or sparkling water to create a fresh, delicious drink. Enjoy as a hot drink to soothe a cold or, for a quick Vitamin C boost to start your day, simply enjoy as a shot.

Check out the range here. You can even purchase via their online store.

Pukka Love Tea

Every Pukka tea bag comes in its own recyclable envelope to retain the essential oils in their organic herbs. Each bag has two chambers, allowing these incredible herbs to flow and release the full potency in your cup. To help the flavours to fully disperse, pour boiling water directly on the bag. Every herb loves the water, so leave them to steep for the perfect brew. Naturally caffeine-free, 100% organically grown and ethically sourced.

Shakti Ring

You’re bound to have heard about the Shakti Mat. It’s been called the modern version of the Indian ‘bed of nails’, designed to stimulate blood circulation while providing acupressure, to help balance the body, mind and spirit. Now, while we would’ve LOVED to include this in your Delight Box it was virtually impossible so we have the next best thing. The Shakti Acu-Ring is a portable self-massage tool. Simply roll the ring up and down each finger 20-40 times to activate acupressure points in the fingers. Fun and easy to use, the stimulation provides warmth and circulation to the fingers. People also use The Acu-Ring for anxiety, stress relief, and improved focus. Check them out here.

Aporo Apple & Pear Snacks

Aporo’s philosophy is simple: honour the taste of fresh New Zealand apples using high-quality, natural ingredients for apple-inspired products you will truly enjoy. Pears contain high levels of antioxidants, including vitamin C, vitamin K, and copper. They provide a significant amount of fibre and other essential nutrients, and they can help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain gut conditions. And we all know what an apple a day does……

You can order multipacks via their online store too!

Proper Crisps Garden Medley

Remember being told to eat all your vegetables? Well, who would’ve thought it’d be so easy with Proper Crisps Garden Medley! Add a bit of crunch to your next salad, enjoy with your favourite dip or just eat them as they come and share if you dare.

Bringing you . . . Beetroot, Carrot, Parsnip and of course Kumara in a handy wee ‘take me anywhere’ pack and seasoned to perfection. BEETS contain an abundance of antioxidants and are highly detoxifying. PARSNIPS, which look like giant white carrots, boast a sweet, earthy taste. They’ve also got plenty of fibre, vitamin C, folic acid, niacin, thiamine, magnesium, and potassium. KUMARA contain unsurpassed levels of beta-carotene and are also rich in vitamin C, phytonutrients, and fibre. In addition to high levels of vitamin A, carrots also provide a good dose of vitamins C, D, E and K — plus magnesium, potassium and calcium. Check out the Proper Crisps fancy new website here.

SkinnyFizz Raspberry

A streak of raspberry from start to finish. Crisp carbonation. Notes of crushed raspberry on the nose.

SkinnyFizz source everything locally in NZ, our packaging is 100% recyclable and we’ve reduced materials wherever we can. Whether it’s love for this earth, yourself or those around you – we think the world needs more. Share some SkinnyFizz and share the love.

Our bodies are composed of roughly 60 per cent water, yet we all lose some of this crucial nutrient during normal, daily activities. And if we don’t replenish the water lost by drinking the recommended eight glasses a day, we run the risk of becoming severely dehydrated. But what can you do if you simply don’t like the taste of plain water? Researchers found that mild dehydration (5 per cent of our body weight) can actually disrupt blood vessels in our brains; reducing cognitive performance — especially in terms of reaction time, paying attention, and our short-term memory.

You can buy direct from the SkinnyFizz website!

PURE Sports Nutrition Electrolyte Hydration

PURE Electrolyte Hydration is a premium natural electrolyte drink base using real freeze-dried fruit, carbohydrates and electrolytes. Made from real freeze-dried fruit powder, when you add water you can actually see the real fruit particles in your drink bottle.

Proper hydration is essential during exercise when you are dehydrated, or unwell. When mixed with water to the correct amounts, PURE Electrolyte Hydration will assist with ensuring adequate fluid intake during exercise and to prevent or treat mild dehydration that may occur as a result of sustained strenuous exercise. Find out what’s on offer right here.

WDOM Milk Beans

Just like a milkshake packaged into small bean-like tabs providing you with a source of calcium and energy. We need to consume a certain amount of calcium to build and maintain strong bones and healthy communication between the brain and other parts of the body and these WDOM milk beans make it very easy. Who can stop at one? Keep an eye on WDOM, they’ve got some pretty cool things happening.

I AM Co. Reusable Face Wipes

We’re trying to make an increased move away from single-use items and our current focus is on the bathroom. Rather than purchasing costly disposable products, save money while contributing to the sustainability of the planet by opting for our reusable option. These will be available to purchase in packs of 3 via our website soon!