December 19 Delight Box

Toothcrush Bamboo Toothbrush

Introducing you to a fresh new concept in toothbrushing. Did you know 80% of us commonly forget to replace our ugly plastic toothbrush and end up using a worn out brush that’s no good for our teeth?

So the team at Toothcrush have designed a beautiful, eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush that gets delivered to your door before the last one’s done.

They’re passionate about a post-plastic future, and they’re hopeful you’ll join in to help make that future happen. Interested in subscribing? Subscriptions start from as little as $25 per year. Check them out here.

WDOM Lactose Free Real Dark Chocolate Milk

Now this is some seriously chocolatey stuff and is the first NZ made lactose free real dark chocolate milk!

It utilizes more natural dairy sweetness to reduce the added sugar content. The milk even won the award ‘Best Children’s Drink’ at the Word Beverage Innovation Awards in 2017 & a finalist in the 2019 NZ Food Awards (Non-Alcoholic Beverage Category). We suggest you keep this for yummy treat for yourself if you can. See more of what WDOM has on offer by checking out their Instagram page.

Munchi & Me Hair Ties

Munchi & Me hair ties and accessories are individually handmade in New Zealand. These are not your ordinary supermarket grade hair ties. Each one has been carefully handcrafted with care and they’re most definitely a step (or ten) above the cheaper imports you’ll find at your local. They make a great gift idea, stocking fillers and pretty favours for party guests too. See the full range here and support a small NZ business.

The Cool Gardener Beetroot Patties

Plant-based convenience eating has just got more delicious. First, it was the Cauliflower Schnitzels and now, these super amazing Beetroot Patties with Dairy-free feta. Perfectly seasoned and lightly coated in a gluten-free crumb. A handy and healthy freezer staple. Serve as a side to other veg or pimp up you next burger with these beauties.

In case anyone asks (and yes, some have), we are unable to place the product in it’s entire capacity inside your Delight Box for obvious reasons. So please head in store and redeem your voucher – check out The Cool Gardener site for a stockists near you.

Anathoth Farm Hemp & Chia Seed Pickle Range

There is nothing quite like a humble sandwich to fill you up at lunch. When the combination of bread, a tasty filling and some flavoursome pickle is done right it can leave dreaming about it weeks later. Or, is this just us? The NEW Hemp & Chia Seed range from Anathoth Farm combines local vegetables with the benefits of chia or hemp seeds in every spoonful. Designed to add a fresh flavour hit to any meal, stir the pickles through salads, spread onto sandwiches, or simply enjoy on the side of your plate.  You can now shop any of the Anathoth Farm range online!  Just hit this link to their shop.

NZ Apple Products Apple Sauce

For almost two decades now, New Zealand Apple Products have been producing innovating snacks to provide additional local value to fresh New Zealand apples grown in the Tasman region. These perfect little pouches made up of 100% NZ apples are free from gluten, preservatives, sulphites, artificial colours or flavours plus, no sugar has been added which makes this a win for us. Try placing these in your freezer then pop into the picnic basket or lunch box over the hotter months. Delicious swirled through some coconut yoghurt or ice-cream as an after dinner treat too. Check out more about New Zealand Apple Products here.

All Good Switchel

You’ll love the taste & you’ll love yourself for switching to All Good Switchel. All Good Switchel; a refreshing mix of sparkling water, apple cider vinegar and natural flavours. These tasty beverages have 500,000,000 probiotic CFUs (colony forming units), they’re organic, sugar-free and made from raw apple cider vinegar made using apples grown in New Zealand. Available in three delicious flavours—Lemon and Ginger, Apple and Blackcurrant and Peach and Passionfruit. Because a happy gut is a happy you.

Interested to try one of the other flavours available? Then check out Karma Cola here.

Goodness Me Rice Rounds

These scrummy Rice Rounds are perfect for a snack or light lunch. Load them up with your favourite toppings and you’re in for a treat. They’re Vegetarian friendly, gluten free and contain no artificial colours or flavours so you’re guaranteed goodness!

Quinoa and Chia are two ancient South American seeds domesticated 3,000 to 4,000 years ago!. Goodness Me have added them to their brown whole grain rice to make super crispy rounds that go great with any topping.

Find them in your local supermarket or check out the full range available here.

Cartel Food Co. Burrito

You can’t beat a great burrito. From the quick Friday night meal, those late-night munchies to after-school snacks, these frozen burritos from the Cartel Food Co. are there for us. Did we mention the variety available? There’s something for everyone but we’re lovin’ the Black Bean, Roasted Corn & Chilli Lime Tofu combo! What a winner! Now, you NEED to heard to your nearest New World or Countdown and look for these in the freezer section.

The team behind Cartel Food use quality ingredients and don’t cut corners. We’re definitely backing this New Zealand business all the way and we hope you look out for them while they move in on supermarket freezers everywhere. Check out the full (tasty) range here.