August ’19 Delight Box

Tasti Nut Butter Bars – Peanut Butter & Salted Caramel

The new Nut Butter bars from Tasti are super delicious! They’re perfect for all those snacking moments when you feel like something a little indulgent. Basically they’re full of creamy and crunchy layers of deliciousness, made with real nut butter…yum!

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Artemis Thyme Lemon Tonic

This powerful tonic is made by the experts at Artemis, a New Zealand leader in plant based health care products. Based on a traditional Swiss recipe, it is known for supporting respiratory functions and boosting immunity.

Made with wild grown Central Otago ThymeTM and organic lemons, this delicious tonic eases your chest and throat when you’re under the weather, and is a healthy everyday drink for year-round immune support, for the whole family.

For a double dose of goodness, add Thyme Lemon Tonic to Immuno Boost Tea.

For more information on the fabulous range of Artemis products and to shop online click here. Artemis are offering all I AM Co. subscribers 15% off only at until 30 November 2019. Use code IAMCO15 at check out.

Macromike Plant Based Protein Powder

In the quest to make the best tasting plant protein in the universe, the team of avid protein connoisseurs at macromike have tried and tested every vegan / plant-based protein on the market. After 18 months of product development, their smooth, creamy and delicious game-changing protein was born. They successfully formulated a plant protein like nothing else on the market. Forget grainy, gritty, sandy protein shakes, their revolutionary protein comes in 10 mouth watering flavours and tastes like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Why not try one of each, and even though we know you’ll love them all, decide for yourself which one is your favourite! They’re all gluten free, dairy free and Vegan friendly too! If you spend over $90 macromike will offer free shipping to NZ.

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Ceres Organics Raw Bite

Whoever said you shouldn’t mix business and pleasure has obviously never had a Ceres Organics Raw Bite.

The Hemp variety is the pleasure of a chocolatey brownie mixed with the business of hemp. And that stuff is the business! Omegas in spades, protein through the roof, amino acids worth writing home about. Ceres Organics are putting the ‘fun’ in functional benefits.

Don’t call an optometrist, you read it correctly. It’s a tomatoey-herby-hempy savoury bite! Perfectly balanced with a little kicker of spice, this raw bite is made for those of you who answer ‘SAVOURY!’ to the old, ‘sweet or savoury?’ question. And those who answer ‘YES THANKS’ to grab-and-go superfood nutrition. Hemp hemp hooray!

The Ginger variety is the pleasure of a ginger kiss, laced with the business of superfood mushrooms. And these mushies are the business! Lions Mane, turkey tail and shiitake benefits are so impressive we can’t even mention them legally – you’ll have to ask google!

Banjo Brews Kombucha

 Banjo Brews is a delicious, low-sugar, refreshing fermented iced tea bursting with healthy probiotics to promote good gut health.

Heather & Sandy the owners of Banjo Brews are passionate and dedicated to brewing their kombucha using organic and local ingredients where possible. Organic tea, organic real fruit, happy healthy cultures and the finest organic herbal ingredients, so you know you’re getting the full nutritional benefits of a traditionally brewed booch every single time.

You’ll receive either the Original Cultured Elephant or the Himalayan Herb variety flavoured with herbs from the Himalayan foothills. There’s also eight other delicious flavours to try.

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Essano Body Wash

Renew and rejuvenate skin each day with the unique superfood formula body washes from Essano.

These amazing soap-free, sulphate-free body washes have been naturally formulated to gently remove dirt and impurities without drying out your skin.

They come in six different varieties and all smell amazing and have unique benefits. In the August box you’ll either find the Vanilla & Chia Seed Soothe & Nourish Body Wash, theTMicellar & Mandarin Gentle Cleanse Body Wash or the Collagen & Goji Berry Renew & Condition Body Wash.

As an added bonus the bottles are proudly made from rPET, 100% pre-used, recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

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Matakana Superfoods Maple Water

Not to be confused with maple syrup, maple water is the clear and nutrient-rich sap from which maple syrup is made. It’s sustainably harvested once a year at springtime by tapping into the maple tree – a technique that was passed onto early Canadian settlers by indigenous American Indians. Like coconut water, maple water is rehydrating but is lower in calories and sugar and has a fresher, cleaner taste with a hint of maple sweetness.

The Matakana Superfoods NECTA Maple Water is USDA Certified organic and contains over 46 bioactive nutrients including: antioxidants, electrolytes minerals and amino acids. NECTA Maple Water is perfect for a hot summer’s day or a post workout recovery drink. You’ll find either the Pure Maple, Lemon Tea or Cranberry & Blueberry flavour inside the August box!

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Annies Apricot & Apple Fruit Bar

The entire ingredients list for Annies Fruit Bars is in the name.  The Apple & Apricot Bar is just that – 100% fruit.

All the Annies bars are free from concentrates, sulphites, gluten, dairy, preservatives, tree nuts or peanuts, numbers, with no added sugar and no nasties. Just apples (from New Zealand) and the best fruit they can find. Yum!

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Harrways Oat-active Cranberry

Harraways Oat-activ is not only delicious but by including two sachets a day as part of your meal plan, will help reduce nasty blood cholesterol. The Cranberry variety is super tasty and packed with dried cranberries.

The handy sachets are very versatile – you can enjoy Oat-activ in your morning porridge, mix up a tasty bircher muesli with your favourite fresh fruit and coconut yoghurt, include them in your favourite raw ball mixture or as part of your morning or afternoon smoothie snack!

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Dr Hauschka Revitalising Mask & Soothing Cleansing Milk SamplesS

The Soothing Cleansing Milk is a daily cleanser perfect for dry, sensitive and normal skin. It also removes dirt and make-up prior to using Cleansing Cream. It’s forumulated from anthyllis, jojoba and almond oil to gently cleanse and maintain the skin’s naturally protective acid mantle. Each morning and evening, apply evenly to a damp face. Remove using water, a cosmetic sponge or a lukewarm cloth.R

The Revitalising Mask renews, refines and enlivens all skin conditions. The appearance of redness or blemishes is diminished, pores are visibly refined and skin appears even and toned.

The mask is formulated from quince, anthyllis and chamomile to clarify and balance blemished, large-pored skin, while cooling and hydrating sun-stressed skin and skin prone to enlarged capillaries. Nurturing jojoba, apricot kernel and wheat germ oils help the skin maintain moisture for skin that looks and feels instantly refreshed and toned. 

Once or twice each week, apply a generous amount of Revitalising Mask to the face (include eye area), neck and décolleté, if desired. Remove after 20 minutes with a warm damp cloth.

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