August ’18 Delight Box

Ceres Organics Mug-a-Miso

Cup-a-soup was so 2003! Enjoy this authentic Japanese miso instantly wherever you might be. Light and warming, it’s naturally fermented to develop the full flavour and goodness. Simply squeeze contents into your mug, top with hot water and enjoy!

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I Love Food Co Munchy Choc Chip Cookie

I Love Food Co’s delicious Munchy Choc Chip cookie is now available in an individual serving.  Sweetened with the natural goodness of date puree, and fittingly named ‘Big Cookie,’ at 50g the new product is the perfect on-the-go snack. It doesn’t contain nasties like palm oil, or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.   Made by two mums Jessie and Maree who wanted to create a better biscuit.  Available in supermarket and convenience stores around New Zealand. The packaging can be recycled in the Love NZ Soft Plastic Recycling bins located at supermarkets.

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Seedlip Spice 94

The world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits. Spice 94 is a complex blend of aromatic, Jamaican All Spice Berry & Cardamom distillates with two barks & a bright citrus peel finish. Sugar, calorie & sweetener free with no artificial flavours or allergens.

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Tasti Smooshed Protein Balls Dark Cacao Brownie

The first wholefood balls with a big boost of plant protein -10g protein per serve. Made with just a handful of real, natural ingredients. These balls are perfect for an on-the-go snack and they’re resealable for extra freshness. GMO free, Vegan friendly with no added sugar and a whole lot of yum!

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Greenleaf Organics Switchel

Greenleaf Organics Switchel tonics are certified organic, raw and unpasturised, refined sugar free and hand made in Auckland, New Zealand.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is the hero ingredient of SWITCHEL and has long been used as a wellness and all-round health tonic for centuries. At Greenleaf Organics, the team use only live cultured ACV to keep all the beneficial pre and probiotics in each bottle.

As a functional drink, each flavour has its own unique purpose and benefit. Liquid beauty, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, immunity building and also aiding in efficient digestion. All this mixed into a delicious choice of Turmeric, Pineapple, Beetroot, Lemon or Grapefruit flavours.

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Lilybee Wrap

The easy-to-use and practical LilyBee Wrap makes the perfect alternative to plastic food wrap. Ideal for wrapping sandwiches, cheese, half avocados, fruit and veggies, and so much more in the fridge and lunch box. Simply wrap, wash and reuse again and again. Lilybee hand craft each of their wraps with natural materials, care, and the intention of bringing more joy and beauty to your family – all while you’re helping reduce the impact of plastic on our land and sea.

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Proper Crisps Proper Crunch Corn

Proper are bringing you a Popped Corn with a difference. Yes! A partial popped kernel-bringing you the perfect crunch in each munch. This Popped Corn is super moreish and great for sharing (or not!). 100% natural, gluten, dairy, GMO free and vegan friendly, with no added MSG. Amazing!

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The Breadman Organic Bakery Mixed Seed Snackers and Mexican Corn Snackers

The Breadman Organic Bakery is 100% vegan. They’re all about great products, made by great people for great people, at a fair price. This amazing bakery operates in the most ethical and sustainable way they can, not because they have to, or because it’s trendy, but because they want to and believe it’s the right thing to do. Their ethical beliefs put people before profit and they think of “sustainability” as dealing with like minded growers, suppliers and retailers. They buy locally wherever they can, partly to minimise their carbon footprint but mostly because they like to support local communities and small growers.

The Snackers contain no yeast and no added sugar making them a healthy and filling lunchbox choice.

As a special deal for our followers – you can purchase their ‘Snacking Box’ for the amazing price of $30.  This pack contains 3 packets of Snackers – Spelt, Pumpkin and Mixed, plus 3 packets of Snackers – Pepper, Herb & Corn. A great way to try all the yummy flavours, perfect for lunchboxes, platters and dips! Simply add coupon code IAMCRACKERS at checkout. Best get shopping now! Valid until August 31st.

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NZ Apple Products Dried Apple Rings

These delicious New Zealand dried apple chips are slender cut apple rings, 100% baked and gently textured. No added sugar, gluten free, no preservatives, additives or sulphites. 100% natural, 100% apples. A perfect size snack that can be enjoyed anywhere!

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