April ’18 Delight Box

Ceres Organics Roasted Seaweed Multi-Pack

These delicious multi-packs are a brilliant snack for kids lunch boxes or for an afternoon salty pick-me-up. One pack provides half your daily requirement of iodine, which is crucial for thyroid hormone health. Chuck a pack in your handbag for an easy nourishing snack.

Tasti Made Simple Wholefood Peanut Butter & Caramel Bars

These delicious morsels are a wonderful and simple snack. This flavour is heavenly, particularly if you’re a PB lover like we are! Made with a simple combination of dates, coconut and chunky peanuts. Simply delicious.

Something to Crow About Roasted Seeds

These little seeds pack some serious flavour and texture. These Roasted Seed Toppers are superb on salads, perfect for adding crunch to avo on toast or roast veggies. They’re gluten-free, preservative-free and paleo-friendly, plus they’ll add a punch of protein and essential nutrients to any meal.

Proper Crisps Crunch Corn

Proper Crisps have created the ultimate crunchy corn snack. This half-popped wholegrain (non-GMO) corn is absolutely delicious, it’s far more crunchy than your regular popcorn as it’s only “half-popped”. It comes in 2 tasty flavours, both Malborough Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt.

Grin Naturals Biodegradable Toothbrush

These charcoal-infused biodegradable toothbrushes are beautifully designed plus made from non-gmo corn starch, making the handle 100% biodegradable. The bristles have been infused with charcoal, enhancing the anti-bacterial and detoxifying properties and improving the ability to remove stains from teeth.

Ecostore Lemongrass Hand Wash

There’s nothing better than a super hydrating natural hand wash, and that’s exactly what this Ecostore Lemongrass hand wash is. Made with all natural ingredients, including the native Harakeke – it helps to thoroughly cleanse the hands without stripping away natural oils.

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