What’s the deal with matcha?! Matcha is all the rage at the moment and for great reason. Rich in healthful antioxidants and other important nutrients, matcha can be thought of as green tea on steroids.

Matcha Green Tea Organic

Matcha is grown in shaded areas in Japan, is handpicked and dried before being ground to a fine powder. Having been popular in Japan for centuries as a natural herbal remedy, matcha has been traditionally used to boost metabolism, relieve stress, increase focus and energy and leave you feeling zen with a calm, focussed energy.

Green tea has long been studied and reported for its various health benefits, most notably its high antioxidant content, so it might be hard to believe that matcha is even better! Matcha has 10 times the antioxidant power of green tea and 10-20 times the antioxidant power of blueberries and acai. Further to this, because matcha is made from whole leaves that have been ground up, your body can reap the benefits of its dietary fibre and chlorophyll content that won’t come out in brewed teas. Dietary fibre is an epic metabolic regulator, while chlorophyll (the green pigment found in all things green) binds with toxins in the body and converts them into neutral entities i.e. is a natural detoxer!

Matcha has the added bonus that it is relatively high in caffeine. To put it into perspective, one cup of matcha has around a quarter the amount of caffeine as compared to a regular cup of coffee. Due to the presence of L-theanine it does not create that same ‘buzz’ you might experience from a coffee but will give you a similar mental alertness to see you through an energised day.

Easy to see why we would recommend swapping out your daily coffee for a matcha latte! When purchasing a matcha latte from your local café, make sure you ask if they have added any unnecessary sweeteners. This can be a significant compromise to its nutritional value (and flavour!).

matcha green tea

Where can you buy it?

Check your local health food store, supermarket, tea shop or online store to find ground matcha powder that you can make into your own drink as you wish (see our suggestions below). There are various great brands, look out for organic variations and those who mention the origin of the tea leaves.

If you want a matcha latte ready-to-go in your hot little hands, hit up your favourite wholefood café and they will deliver the goods! Our favourite places in Auckland city to get a matcha latte are The Raw Kitchen and The Sip Kitchen mmmmm mmm.

Add a teaspoon of matcha to…

– A cup of hot water for a nourishingly tasty tea

– A cup of cold water or nut milk and ice for a hydrating iced latte in the summertime

– Your favourite smoothie recipe for an extra hit of energy and flavour

– A cup of steamed nut milk for a winter warmer latte

– Your favourite raw food recipe for a tasty earthy hit

Have you delved into the wonderful world of Matcha yet?