What is Sacha Inchi?

Sacha Inchi is a wondrous food of nature that exerts amazing, nourishing qualities for your body. It is also known as ‘Inca Inchi’ or the ‘Inca Peanut’ and is grown sustainably in the Amazon Rainforest. It is similar to a nut in flavour but has a much richer nutritional content. So how does the humble Sacha Inchi qualify for “superfood” status?

Sacha Inchi Seed

Bursting with Omega-3s

Sacha Inchi contains super high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, in fact 20 times the omega-3 content of wild salmon, which is commonly document as a rich source of these healthy fats. Omega-3s are wonderful for protecting against inflammation in your body because of their role in helping cell membranes maintain fluid and flexibility. This anti-inflammatory effect may have a positive impact on your skin, helping to create a beautiful, glowing complexion, as well as helping to grow and maintain luscious hair and healthy nails. Further benefits of omega-3s are related to heart health, bone strength and brain function. There has even been research to suggest its positive influence on minimising symptoms of brain disorders, such as depression and dementia.


Full of Tryptophan

The Sacha Inchi seed is full of tryptophan, an important precursor for serotonin i.e. the “happy” hormone. Serotonin has been well researched for its use in stabilising mood and contributing to a sense of overall happiness and wellbeing. Yesss! We have been enjoying getting Sacha Inchi into our diet in the form of Matakana Superfoods Superfood Dark Chocolate, which is infused with not only Sacha Inchi but also maqui berry and cacao nibs. This is superfood chocolate heaven and the tastiest way to supe up your nutrient intake and put yourself in a great mood!

Sacha Inchi

A Complete Protein

Sacha Inchi is one of the few non-animal sources that can be considered a complete protein i.e. has all 9 essential amino acids. With a massive 62% highly digestible protein in its superfood powdered form, Sacha Inchi is the perfect way to boost your protein intake no matter whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, an athlete, or you just want to vary your diet.


Plenty of Minerals

Being beautifully rich in iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, Sacha Inchi really is a true superfood! The great thing about iron is its ability to promote blood flow to the brain, stimulating cognitive activity and even creating new neural pathways. Magnesium is known to calm your nervous system, to help your find sound sleep and to relax your muscles. Potassium will help with maintaining a natural, healthy electrolyte balance and calcium is of course great for strong bones and teeth. So many amazing health benefits from one simple superfood!

Matakana Superfoods Choc

Sacha Inchi can be added to salads, trail mixes, pesto or consumed in its powdered form mixed into smoothies or healthy baked goodies. Or even better… the Matakana Superfoods Superfood Dark Chocolate includes Sacha Inchi and can be purchased here xo