Everything You Need to Know About Probiotics

You would likely have heard the term probiotics aka the ‘good’ live bacteria that are amazing for your digestive system and typically live in a refrigerated jar at your local pharmacy or in fermented dairy products. These mighty microorganisms are absolutely key to great health, want to find out why? We’ve got your probiotic questions covered below!

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria which are naturally found in the body and help to balance out the bad bacteria that also live inside the body. You need both good and bad bacteria in your gut to be healthy but unfortunately sometimes our bodies can get a little out of whack, whether it’s due to lifestyle factors, illness or if you have had to take a course of antibiotics. In any of these cases it is possible that the growth of bad bacteria overtakes the good bacteria and this can mean your digestive system and health suffer. It’s super important to be conscious of your gut health and think about supplementing some probiotics, whether that’s through your diet or with a supplement, to help find a healthy equilibrium of good and bad bacteria.

Your Daily Dose

The gut is often said to be the centre of health so it’s not surprising when an unhealthy gut leads to unpleasant health issues.

IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Constipation, Bloating: Digestive issues can be super uncomfortable, unpleasant and sometimes just highly inconvenient. If you are suffering with something similar, it’s bound to trace back to your gut health.

Eczema: The skin is your bodies largest organ (yes, it’s an actual organ) and hence, if there are problems going on on the inside they often show up through the skin – sometimes in the form of eczema. Studies have shown some evidence to suggest that an increase in probiotic rich food and/or a supplement can help with this irritating condition.

Oral Health: Studies have shown that probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus actually kills the bad bacteria found in the mouth that causes tooth decay and lessens the effects of gingivitis and issues such as bleeding gums.

Probiotic of the Moment

Blue Frog Probiotic Porridge: We are absolutely loving this insanely delicious instant porridge from Blue Frog Breakfast at the moment, and the best thing is that it contains the heat-stable probiotic, GanedenBC30, which can survive and thrive in conditions many other probiotics cannot. This is excellent news for us because it means we can enjoy it in the form of this delightful vanilla flavoured breakie! GanedenBC30 only activates once reaching the ideal conditions in your gut and with more than two billion live cells per serve, this is the perfect way to amp up your (or your kiddy’s) probiotic intake!

What To Avoid

There are a few things that you can avoid in your diet and daily life that will help your body make the most of the probiotics you are including.

Antibiotics: The number one thing that harms the probiotic balance in the body is antibiotics. Obviously there are times where these are crucial to your health and necessary to to take. In these cases talk to your Doctor, Pharmacist or Naturopath about a quality probiotic supplement that is right for you.

Sugar: Yup, just another reason to reduce your sugar intake. Too much sugar in your body feeds the bad bacteria and can lead to an overgrowth of the baddies and an unbalanced gut.

Stress: I think we all know by now that stress is not good for our health, but you may be surprised to learn that stress actually disrupts our gut microbiome. If you suffer from digestive issues such as IBS it is well worth investing some time into working on your stress levels. Things such as yoga, meditation and deep breathing will go a long way when practiced regularly.

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