Our Easter Survival Guide

Easter has nearly arrived and there’s no one more excited about this than the I AM Co. team, YAY! We understand that with this fun, festive time of year comes increased temptation for hot crossies and chocolate of all shapes and sizes. We are not here to stop you from enjoying just that but to show you how Easter can still be enjoyed without the sugar- and gluten-laden foods. It’s time to kick that nasty stuff to the curb and implement some guilt-free enjoyment. We’ve curated our own Survival Guide for Easter that will get you out the other end minus the sugar hangover and instead with a burst of refreshed energy and vitality.

Easter Bunny

1. Make Your Own

Watching how you spend your Easter weekend and what you eat does not automatically equal deprivation. If you love the chocolate and hot cross bun aspect of Easter but don’t enjoy over-indulging on refined sugar, dairy or gluten, whip up some deliciously healthy Easter treats for yourself, your family and your friends. Keep your eyes peeled on the Recipes section of the blog this week for Chai-Spiced Hot-Cross Donuts to get you started. They make the most delectable, nourishing, guilt-free alternative to your classic Hot Cross Buns and we can assure you the family will not be disappointed!


2. Share the Load

Share your homemade or healthy purchased Easter treats with friends and family. After all, this is what Easter is all about! Not only is this a great way to spread the love and share quality time with your loved ones over delicious treats, it will also remove some of the leftover temptation after the event.


3. Make Wise Choices

Someone in your family will inevitably insist on buying treats for you this Easter so dropping some hints early on in the week to ensure wise choices are being made could help you keep on track. Dark chocolate, around 85-90% cocoa, is a great start because it contains reasonably low amounts of fructose. Opting for certified organic and fair trade chocolate is also a hot tip for your Easter feasting. Check out La Petite Chocolat for lovingly handmade, organic, ethical, nourishing, fun and creative chocolate to fulfil your Easter fix. This will keep you satisfied and included in Easter festivities! When it comes to hot cross buns, making your own at home is the ideal way to avoid nasties such as too much gluten, dairy or refined sugar.

La Petite Chocolat

4. Stay Active

Kick off your Easter weekend by embracing your inner rabbit with some morning activity. Starting your day with exercise will help you clear your mind, switch off from your working week and get your endorphins buzzing. You can make your morning exercise all the more worthwhile by stocking up on ingredients for a wholesome, tantalising breakie at the end of it. Whatever gets you moving in the morning, get amongst it!


5. Shift the Focus

Take advantage of your long Easter weekend as a time to nourish and re-energise, stock up on healthy Easter treats and most of all have a great time with fam and friends. It doesn’t have to be all about over-indulging on chocolate bunnies so shifting your focus might see you spend your Easter weekend a little differently than previous years. Fill your days with activities, outdoor goodness, quality time with your loved ones and plenty of good laughs.


6. Get Creative

There are so many different ways of consuming ‘Easter eggs’ that don’t include refined sugar-laden products. A great one to get the family involved and to keep things exciting is to decorate egg shells using anything from paint to dye to stickers. This will not only keep the kids entertained but will help to avoid some of the less healthy Easter foods.

Decorated Easter Eggs

What are your plans for keeping your health on track and staying nourished this Easter weekend? Let us know in the comments below xo