Ooo breakie, our fave meal and renowned as the most important meal of the day too! While we may know just how important it is, it can still be challenging for some of us to fit in a nourishing and satiating feed first up. Getting ready for the day ahead can be a race against the clock, which may leave breakfast down the bottom of your To Do List. We believe that prioritising a wholesome breakie each and every morning is key to amazing health! Here are some of the health benefits associated with starting your day out with breakfast…


1. Sets you up for a productive & energised day

What you eat and drink in the morning will set the tone for your day ahead so you want to choose foods that that will give you sustained energy and satiation. If you don’t like anything too large or rich first thing, you could kick your day off with a superfoodie smoothie or a bowl of your fave muesli topped with coconut yogurt and fresh fruit. Our go-to muesli at the moment is the Super Good Muesli from Ceres Organics, as featured in the February Delight Box. So yummo! If you would rather opt for something a little more filling in the mornings, eggs and/or seasonal veggies are a great choice for a dose of protein, healthy fats and B-vitamins. Having the right balance of nutrients in your first meal of the day will help set you up for an energised and productive day. Don’t forget to follow-up with some light snacking throughout the morning if you need an extra booster to see you through until lunchtime!


2. Gets your metabolism going

Think of your metabolism as your body’s engine that can either be fueled for your day and ready to go with energy and balance OR can be left feeling sluggish, tired, hungry and perhaps even anxious. To jumpstart your metabolism for the day ahead, the first thing you should do every morning is drink a big glass of water at room temperature. It is best to sip away at this upon waking rather than skulling it back so your body has the opportunity to hydrate your body’s cells. Following this, consuming a wholesome breakie will provide your engine with some much-needed quality fuel. By getting your metabolism going first thing, you are less likely to store fat and more likely to be kept energised and in a good mood all day long. Yes please!

Cucumber & Avo on Toast

3. Hydrates your body upon rising

Your body is prone to becoming dehydrated while you’re sleeping and when you’re dehydrated, your metabolism slows and your brain has less fuel to operate. Waking up, having a drink of water and some nourishing breakie will give your body that much-needed hydration booster. We would also recommend delaying your morning coffee and instead heading straight for your water and then follow-up with your preferred delicious breakie. Coffee can come after that!


4. Long-term health benefits

Research has found that those who eat breakfast daily are less likely to have high cholesterol and blood pressure linked to heart disease. Furthermore, those who skip breakfast may be more likely to snack and graze on not-so-nourishing foods throughout the day, have poor nutrition and be more prone to unhealthy weight gain. By starting each day out with plenty of important vitamins and minerals, your body is more likely to function and thrive at its prime and will see you fighting fit for years to come! Getting into a routine of having breakfast every morning is key.


We are super passionate about utilising your mornings to set you up for the best day ever! Whether this involve yoga, a gym workout, a walk, meditation, journaling or whatever else tickles your fancy, accompanying your morning ritual of choice with a fulfilling and wholesome breakie will help set your mind and body up for a great day ahead. Creating a morning routine that suits you will allow you to crank up your energy, productivity and happiness each and every day. Remember, take each day as it comes! Your routine does not have to be exactly the same everyday – listen to your body and mix it up when it feels right to you.


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What breakfast foods set you up for a great day ahead? Let us know in the comments below xo