6 Ways Journaling Can Improve Your Life

We are BIG fans of journaling here at I AM Co. There are so many proven ways that it can truly improve your life that we just had to share our insight.


What is journaling exactly?

Journaling is simple a way for you to get any thoughts, positive or negative out of your head and onto paper. Sound good? It is!

It’s a sacred place for your fears, worries and frustrations….as well as for your dreams, inspirations and hopes. Most importantly your journal can be a place to nurture your gratitude practice (read point #1).

There is no right or wrong when it comes to journaling, so long as it is a time for you in solitude to get grounded and reconnect, you’re doing it right.

We recommend setting aside time every single day.

First thing in the morning is great if you find you can set aside 5 minutes, if this time is being used elsewhere you might find the evenings are your best. Before bed, light a candle, do some deep belly breathing, snuggle up and get writing.


Why do we love it so much? Find out below…

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1. Encourages Gratitude

If gratitude sounds foreign to you, not to worry! Having a ‘gratitude practice’ takes time and practice to eventually become second nature. It is simply a way of giving thanks for all that is existing in your life, right now. It could be something as simple as your breath or a warm bed. The exciting thing about gratitude is that when you give thanks for what you already have (and you really mean it!) you attract more of that good stuff into your life.


2. Clears Your Head

Journaling is a powerful way to get thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Just like when you have a good vent with a friend about something that’s bothering you, this is the same! Only you’re doing it alone and this creates a more calm result. Rather than encouraging negative feelings, the journal can act like your sounding board and then you can close it and be done with it.

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3. Reduces Brain Fog 

By clearing your head through journaling on a regular basis, you can begin to notice where your thoughts are tracking. You might notice that negative thoughts take up unwanted head space and this is a disaster for a sharp brain! There are many practices that can help clear your head (like meditation, yoga or walking in nature) so if you combine all of these you’ll experience mental clarity in no time.


4. Allows You To Keep On Top Of Goals 

We all know we should set goals, but how often do we really check back in and review those goals? The key to keeping these in our vision is to regularly revisit and evaluate how you are tracking. Keeping your goals written down in a journal can help with this! You might find you like to write down weekly, monthly and even annual goals, checking back into each and every one of them daily.

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5. Reduces Stress

Did you know us humans can have anywhere between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts in a single day? And the most interesting part is that around 98% of those thoughts are the same thoughts we had yesterday. How stressful! If these thoughts are not all positive (as with every one of us) this is a recipe for stress. By writing down your thoughts and getting your head into a positive mindset to begin or end your day, you’ll likely reduce your stress dramatically. Simply by becoming aware of your thoughts and giving yourself a little space each day for this habit, you will reduce that stress!


6. Encourages You To Live Within Your Values

By regularly revisiting your personal values, you’ll begin to see what’s really important to you.  These personal values can stay written down in your journal for safe keeping and can serve as your guide to remind you where your values lie and help with clear decision making.


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