5 Ways With Millet

Millet is a super nutritious gluten-free grain that provides a quarter of your daily needs of the minerals copper, phosphorous, manganese and magnesium from just one cup. It is also packed full of fibre, keeping your digestive system healthy and you fuller for longer, not to mention it contains important amounts of protein and essential fats also. It can be thought of as a perfect staple in your diet, replacing gluten-containing grains for those whose digestive systems don’t agree with these. Not sure where to start with this epic grain? Check out our absolute favourite ways to enjoy millet below….

Millet Cakes

Whip up a batch of millet cakes by mixing cooked millet with your favourite grated veggies, spices, onion, garlic and an egg to bind. Then all you need to do is simply fry them up in a lil coconut oil and enjoy! These are the perfect easy dinner and make a great leftover lunch when you’re in a hurry. We love topping with a little tahini, yoghurt dressing and voila!

Stuffed Veggies

Who doesn’t love a stuffed veggie?! They are a super hearty yet nourishing meal that we absolutely cannot get enough of. Try stuffing millet into your eggplant, capsicum, sweet potato, mushroom… The possibilities really are endless!


There is nothing quite like a big ol’ bowl of risotto on a cold winter’s night. Next time you opt for this comforting meal, switch out the rice for millet. It will still leave you feeling super satisfied but just a little lighter. Yum!


Millet is the perfect gluten-free grain to throw into any salad for a little extra texture and fibre. It will help to keep you feeling full and ensure you don’t end up with your head in the fridge an hour later. Try it in place of bulgar wheat in a fresh Tabbouleh salad for a gluten-free alternative that won’t leave you with the dreaded gluten bloat.


Yup, like many other gluten-free grains, millet is totally scrumptious when made into a bowl of warming porridge. Use in place of your typical oats, quinoa or brown rice to change things up. Top with stewed fruit, cinnamon, nuts and seeds or even nut butter! Mmm…

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