5 Easy Ways to Purify Your Air

If a day indoors makes you feel restless, lethargic or even unhappy, improving the air quality in your indoor space might just turn this day right around. Taking good care of your work and home environment each day is key to avoid things like inadequate ventilation, toxic chemicals and other contaminants making their way into the surrounding air and causing you discomfort. Try implementing the five easy points below to improve the purity of your home/office air and see if it improves your physical comfort, your concentration and even your energy levels…

Incense Plants

1. Avoid Dust!

Where exactly does dust come from? Well it can be a whole combination of things from construction site silica dust all the way down to pollen, soil, insect waste and even human skin. When inhaled, dust can irritate the tissues in your respiratory system and may lead to allergies. Dust mites tend to thrive in a home or office environment because skin cells that accumulate around the place contain proteins that are their primary source of food. As unfortunate as it may seem, hundreds of thousands of dust mites are living in your bedding, mattresses, couches, carpets and curtains all the time so it is super important to stay on top of clearing dust out of your working and living environment. Make sure your cleaning schedule includes dusting furniture, curtains and floors every week.


2. Open Your Windows

It may seem super simple but opening up your windows and letting fresh air into your home or office every day is so important. Allowing fresher outdoor air to replace the stale indoor air is such an easy way of detoxing and purify your surrounding air. To make this process even more effective, if you have an aircon system in place, set it to “fan” mode to get the fresh air circulating the space much quicker. While this could be unpleasant during the colder months of the year, it may make all the difference in how you feel.

Open Windows

3. Add Plants to Your Space

One of the best ways to deal with indoor air quality is to add plants, which work to absorb harmful chemicals over time. Some house plants are virtually impossible to kill and help filter the air of harmful indoor pollutants. Plus, surrounding yourself with greenery is a natural mood booster. Beautify and purify the natural way!


4. No Petrol-Based Candles or Incense

We all love to fill our homes with different aromas to create an inviting and cosy setting. Unfortunately there are some risks associated with burning the wrong candles or incense. Products with petroleum, additives for colour and synthetic fragrances may release potentially harmful chemicals into the surrounding air, such as acetaldehyde, formaldehyde and acrolein. Candle wicks may also contain some lead and will produce soot and other fine carbon particles that may over time have a detrimental effect on your respiratory system. Rather than cutting your beloved candles and incense altogether, instead choose products made with all natural ingredients and essential oils, like peppermint, ginger or coconut.


5. Use Eco-Friendly & Nasty-Free Home Cleaning Products

Common ingredients used in household cleaners can cause damage to your body cells and organs over the long-term, and even in the short-term may cause headaches, dizziness, lethargy, nausea and eye and respiratory irritation. If you want a clean home, office, body and planet, do your best to avoid cleaning products with unnecessary chemicals and switch to natural alternatives. Ecostore and Earthwise are our go-to local brands for all home cleaning and self-care products. Not only do they care about your personal health, but they also put a huge emphasis on the health of our surrounding environment. Yes please!

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What daily practices do you implement to ensure your surrounding air is purified to the highest quality? Let us know if you’ve got any fun, creative ways of purifying your surrounding air in the comments below xo