Winter’s harsh effects on our skin

Arghhhhh winter, it may not be everybody’s favourite time of the year but the cold weather does come with some perks.  It’s a great excuse to get rugged up in a nice cosy sweater on the couch with a cuppa or enjoy the warming winter meals that really, can only be truly enjoyed when it’s teaming down outside.

However, there are some downsides to winter.  The cold wind can be brutal on your skin, mix that with artificial heating and the result is often dry, cracked, sometimes itchy and dehydrated skin.  Luckily there are a number of things you can do to help combat any adverse effects of the weather on your skin.

Firstly, who doesn’t LOVE jumping into a steaming hot shower?  Especially if you’ve been out battling the elements there’s nothing better than jumping in to re-warm the soul.  You may even think that it’s a good therapeutic remedy for sore muscles when in fact you should stick to the wheat bags/warming pads and save the boiling water for that cuppa afterwards.  If you shower in water that’s too hot it removes a lot of natural oils that build up on our skin.  Instead, try immersing yourself in a warm bath but be mindful of the time spend bathing or showering as this can exacerbate dry skin problems.  Often the harsh fragrances and ingredients of body washes can strip your skin of moisture, so although temperature and time spent in the shower is important, you should also be mindful of the soap you’re using.

It may sound obvious, but how many people forget to apply moisturiser in winter?  It seems we’re better at doing this during summer when our bodies have taken a beating from the harsh sun and inevitably experience water loss caused by the heat. However during the colder months low humidity and the drying effects of indoor heating also have negative effects on our skin. Therefore it’s equally important to apply a good moisturiser which will hydrate skin and seal in the moisture.

To fight dry, winter skin we need the best, juiciest moisturiser you can get your cracked, dry and dehydrated hands on! We’ve found the best moisturisers contain glycerin which ultimately helps to slow the evaporation of water from your skin, this is the secret weapon in any good moisturiser.  Our recommendation is to start with your hands, let this become a habit. Have a tube of Linden Leaves Nourishing Hand Cream at your work space, use it twice daily and watch the improvement to your skin over a matter of days.  This is a firm favourite of ours, it will help to restore and rehydrate dry, hard-working hands and is blended with delicious neroli, vanilla and sandalwood. This fast absorbing hand cream is formulated with cocoa and shea butter to soften and nourish, and sesame oil to aid the strengthening and repair of skin and nails. Non greasy. Cruelty free and made with love in New Zealand.

Oh and don’t forget to enjoy that warm cuppa too – maybe one of the amazing Pukka Tea blends or if coffee’s more you’re style, one of the delicious Teeccino blends.