Top 5 Tricks to Stay Healthy While Eating Out

Here are our top 5 tricks for staying healthy while eating out and about…

Eating well, moving your body and just being generally great at life seems to be so simple Monday through Thursday. It’s when the weekend hits that this starts to unravel a little. Throw in a friend’s birthday dinner and lunch with the family and it becomes even more difficult to stay on track. Navigating a menu to find the healthiest choices while also remembering to #treatyoself every now and again may leave you in a mild state of confusion. So we’re sharing our top tricks for staying healthy while dining out…

Healthy tips for eating out in restaurants

1. Find Some Greens

Whether your greens are the star of the dish or you’re adding a fresh green side salad, including some greens into every meal is key. When eating out it is often easier to go straight for the sides. Beans, brussel sprouts or broccoli are the perfect accompaniment to any meal!

2. Ask For Dressings on the Side

If you’re not 100% sure on what’s actually in the dressing or how much of it is going to be smothering your dish, it is always best to ask for it on the side. If the dressing is something as simple as Balsamic, by all means drizzle away, but many salad dressings are riddled with added sugars and other nasties that you may not be aware of when ordering that oh-so-healthy caesar salad.

Healthy tips for eating out in restaurants

3. Avoid Fried Foods

Always tempting, never great for you, avoiding fried foods is a must. If you’re consuming meat, choose lean meats that are grilled, steamed or barbequed. Unfortunately that tantalising tempura ain’t so great with unnecessary oils, unhealthy fats and maybe a touch too much sodium.

4. No Guzzling While Eating

There always seems to be an abundance of drink options available when you’re dining out whether it simply be bottles of tap water lining the table or wine being passed around to top up glasses, remember to keep your liquid intake controlled so you’re digesting your food optimally (without diluting those digestive enzymes) and gaining the best possible health benefits. Sipping rather than guzzling liquids is the best way!

5. Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask the waiter more about where your food is sourced from, how it has been cooked and if anything else has been added that isn’t stated on the menu. You just never know!

Remember to always allow yourself some wiggle room to enjoy the foods you love, even if they’re not necessarily the healthiest. Indulging from time to time is great for your mind and body and eating out is a time to be enjoyed with family and friends, not a time of stress and anxiety about making the “right” choice off the menu in front of you. Do your best and don’t stress!

What are your tips for staying healthy while out and about? We would love to know!

*Images from Instagram @TheButchersDaughter