Tips for staying motivated and achieving success


Photo credit: Unsplash

Success doesn’t come without hard work – which can be, well, hard. With all the distractions and responsibilities that modern life brings, you may feel keeping your head above water is already difficult, let alone being motivated enough to keep chipping away at your long-term career goals.

However as many successful entrepreneurs have counselled, if you don’t tweak something in your routine way of doing things, your life won’t change either. That’s where the following tips come in – easy to implement and proven to work, these are the foundations that many a successful person swears by.

 Identify and frame your goals

You may recollect learning about SMART goals at some stage, and the truth is identifying your major goals before starting work really does help you feel motivated. Regarding your ultimate goal, be careful about paying too much attention to people who dull your ambitions with realism. If you really want something – a CEO position, for example, or a portfolio of rental properties –  then try your hardest to learn from people with success in business or property and don’t give up on your goal. Research has proven that the more transcendent the goal, the more work you’ll put intogetting there.

Make success bigger than yourself

The desire to be successful usually stems from at least some selfishness, but you may find your motivation can become even stronger if you expand your goals to include thought for other people. Particularly if your goals are financial, you may find the biggest motivation to reach them is the inspiring thought of what you can do for your family and the community you care about once you’ve achieved them.