How to read those Sugar cravings

Oh, sugar.

It’s a hot topic and not one that’ll be disappearing anytime soon.

Something we ALL struggle with to a certain degree.

Sugar cravings are one of those frustrating, consistent and constant nags.  We try to avoid them, to stump them and then most frustratingly we’ll often end up caving and eating more than we’d ever intended.

These sugar cravings can be on ALL different scales, whether or not you’re addicted to the sweetness of fruit or dates, the feeling of chocolate melting in your mouth or the fizziness of an icy cola.

It’s STILL sugar.

I am ALL about balance and truly think sweetness in our diet is SUPER important.

It’s in our ancestral history to crave sweetness for a sense of safety and to give us a natural increase in mood-boosting hormones.

I think sweet foods were always intended to be eaten, they’re there to satisfy our needs and nourish our souls.

The problem is, they were intended to be eaten in moderation and in their natural raw state.  Unfortunately these days, it’s the refined sugar and artificial sweeteners that sneak their way into virtually everything and gives us all an addictive side that we struggle to control.

When sugar cravings are out of control, it helps to look at various factors and ask yourself some questions…

Breakfast. Do I start the day with something sugary like cereal or toast & jam? Or do I nourish myself with something sustaining that will set me up for a day of whole-food eating?

Boredom. Is there a particular time of day when sugar cravings hit me in the face? ie- 3pm?

Satisfaction. Where is there joy or happiness lacking in my life? Where am I longing for more sweetness?

Lack of Sleep. How many hours of quality sleep am I getting consistently? Am I sleep-deprived for a reason (eg. little ones waking through the night) or can I change my sleeping patterns?

Thirsty – How much water do I really drink in a day? How much caffeine do I consume?

PMS – Do my cravings get worse around the time of my period? Is it before or during my cycle?

These questions will get you thinking….and then you can look at making some simple changes.

Start to SLOW down the cravings by following these suggestions:

Bring in some super food heroes that will help to alleviate some of the ‘sugar-need’.  Superfood powders such as maca powder and cacao powder contain dense amounts of minerals and help to maintain hormones and feel-good chemicals.

Ensure you’re eating enough healthy FAT.  Introduce more coconut oil, flax oil, avocado, nuts and seeds.

Distract yourself. If boredom or habits are the problem here, distract yourself with a walk, an impromptu dance or a phone call to someone hilarious (works every time!)

Have healthy snacks on hand so you’re not caught out.

Sweet sweet vegetables – eat plenty of naturally sweet veggies, such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes, beetroot, carrots, parsnips, edamame beans and zucchinis.

Drink PLENTY of water and herbal teas.

Sleep MORE if you can, make sure it’s quality sleep by reducing caffeine or alcohol intake.

Of course, see where you can bring more joy and laughter into your life.

Find time to wind-down and reconnect with yourself. Perhaps take up meditation, yoga or even just deep-breathing.

Having a clearer sense of self will help with a lack of self-control.

Good luck! We’re all in it together and can support and encourage each other.  If you have any ideas or insight – please SHARE in the comments below…we can all learn from one another.

If you found this helpful, go ahead & share with your friends & loved ones.

X Georgie

**Disclaimer: This is in no way medical advice, but rather advice based on my own personal experiences and thorough research through nutrition studies. Please do your own research and come to your own conclusions that feel right by you.