Simple Tips For Decluttering

It’s something about this fresh spring air that’s got us feeling like the home and office need a little cleansin’! If you feel like you’re drowning in your belongings and your home or office are not providing you with a restful and happy vibe then it might be time for a spring clean. Clearing your surrounding space, purging useless items and eliminating the clutter is sure to help remove any emotional weight you have been carrying. It will also allow you to enjoy the items that are useful and meaningful in your life. While decluttering can be a daunting prospect, the end result is well worth the process.

Here are some simple tips to help you get started with decluttering your space:

Declutter Office1. Start Small

Instead of making OTT intentions of clearing out everything you own, reframe your intention to make decluttering a manageable, and even enjoyable, experience. Your wardrobe is a great place to start as it is evident what items are no longer serving a purpose i.e. never get worn! Sell these clothes on a second-hand website or donate them to second-hand shops or charities, such as the Auckland City Mission. A clear wardrobe filled with only your most coveted pieces is sure to start you off on the right foot.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go

While there are some pieces that have sentimental value and you will always hold onto (despite not necessarily serving a strong purpose), there are items that just need to go. Don’t be afraid to see the end of these! This might be the hand-me-down toolkit from Dad that occupies the bottom kitchen drawer, a handful of birthday cards from three years ago, an exercise bike that sits in the garage unused, or even old family furniture that serves no purpose. Ask yourself what these objects add to your life?

3. Tackle One Space At A Time

Chunk out your decluttering project one area at a time. By starting with a particularly cluttered space and making progress straight away, you will gain momentum as you carry on to different areas. Also, as you get rid of items, you will be creating space for items you want to keep, which can slot nicely into your freshly created system.

4. “One In, One Out” Rule

This is a great rule of thumb to take with you all the time, only allowing yourself to bring something new into your space if you are going to get rid of something old/similar. For every one thing that you buy—whether it’s clothes, books or nick nacks—throw a similar item out, give it away to a friend or donate it to charity. This will help you keep your belongings at a manageable number and make you question whether or not you really need to make new purchases in the first place. It could be a great money saver too!

5. Good Vibes, Fresh Plants

There’s no better way to top off a good declutter than with a space clearing ritual to clean the energy, instil your intentions going forward and create good vibes. Live plants and flowers are known to improve the energy and harmony in a space, as well as bringing additional oxygen in to detox the surrounding air. Once you’ve dotted your space with fresh greenery, open up the windows and allow some natural sunlight and fresh air inside. Bliss!

Whose inspired to have a spring clean of their home or office now?! Got any extra tips to share with us? We’d love to hear, let us know in the comments below xo