Simple Snacking Swaps for a Healthier Day

When 3pm hits it is often necessary to reach for a snack to get you through the rest of the day without that dreaded hanger setting in. Here at I AM Co. we love our healthy snacks and always ensure we have plenty on hand for when those pesky snack attacks hit. This helps remove the temptation of less than ideal options. Check out our top 5 snacking swaps for a healthier day below:

Swap Your… Juice for a smoothie

When faced with the choice between a juice or a smoothie, you should know that smoothies are the best option to keep you feeling satisfied until your next meal. This is because they contain the whole fruit or vegetable making them super high in fibre, which slows down the absorption of sugar and leaves you feeling fuller for longer. Smoothies also oxidise slower than juices, meaning that you can make your smoothie in advance and will still be receiving the optimum amount of nutrients later in the day. Winning!


Swap Your… Chocolate bar for chocolate protein balls

Ditch that sugar-laden, nutrient-poor choccy bar and replace it with some delicious and nutritious chocolate-flavoured protein balls (try out our recipe here!) that are going to serve your health, keep you satisfied and not leave you feeling like you’ve been hit with a sugar hangover.

Swap Your… Chips & dip for rice cakes & hummus

There is definitely something about the combination of crunchy and creamy when it comes to moreish snacks. Instead of snacking away on chips and dip packed with unhealthy fats, sodium and preservatives, why not try whipping up a batch of hummus at the start of the week and pairing it with some organic rice cakes? (Hot Tip: Be sure to opt for rice cakes with no added flavours or preservatives).


Swap Your… Crackers for raw nuts

If you find yourself reaching for a box of crackers at snack-o-clock, consider storing a jar of raw nuts on your desk. Nuts are an incredible option for a snack anytime of day; being packed with healthy fats and protein means they will keep you going until your next meal. Nuts are high in energy so a small handful should be enough for a snack between meals.


Swap Your… Cookies for a Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bar

Cookies can be tempting but let’s be honest here, they aren’t something you want to be eating on a daily basis. Blue Dinosaur Paleo bars, however, are packed with just five wholefood ingredients making a delicious, easy and healthy snack for anytime of day. The bars include coconut and coconut oil, which are high in healthy fats that are sure to keep you fuller for longer.

You will find the Blue Dinosaur Sour Cherry Paleo Bar inside the June Delight Box and is the ultimate delicious and nourishing snack that tastes like a real treat! Find out more about Blue Dinosaur and their product range here or grab one of our last June Delight Boxes here to try this delightful snack for yourself xo