How To Shop For Green Beauty Products

As the largest organ in your body, it’s no wonder that your skin plays a vital role in keeping all the goods inside and getting rid of the nasties. So when it comes to choosing skincare and cosmetics it is super important to consider what’s inside the products because your skin may just absorb it right up and into your bloodstream. How to know what to choose when going green with your beauty products though? We’re here to help you clean up your skincare routine with a little guide on how to shop for green beauty products…

 Green Beauty1. Beware of Words Like “Natural” and “Organic”

While we do love these words, they can sometimes be misleading. Just because there are certain natural ingredients included in a product, does not necessarily mean it is completely clean and toxin-free. Get into the habit of reading the full ingredients list of a product before committing to using it; as a general rule, if there is a long list of ingredients and you don’t know what more than half of them are, this product may not be your most natural choice.

2. Brand Values

A company’s individual values and ethos are super important for determining the product’s “greenness”. Taking a peek at brand websites to learn about how they came to be and the values they hold doesn’t take much time and can be really informative in helping you to make the right decision. Read about how and where they source their ingredients, their philosophy and their company message.

Karen Murrell is a great example of a local beauty brand with sustainability at the heart of their operation. With a belief in all things natural, right through from product to packaging, Karen Murrell has an amazing ethos and is a company we would be 100% happy to buy from. Their packaging is printed with vegetable-based inks on sustainably sourced paper and the manufacturing process is fully cruelty-free with absolutely no animal testing. Yes!

Karen Murrell Lippy3. Effectiveness

There can be a bit of a stigma around natural beauty products and how effective they are when compared to their chemical-laden counterparts. Fortunately the natural beauty industry is taking leaps and bounds in the right direction and we are spoilt with some of the most natural products on the market also being the most effective for your skin. Some of our favourite naturally effective brands include Karen Murrell, Linden Leaves and Essano.


4. Fragrance

Opt for natural, essential-oil based scent blends in your beauty routine rather than products that simply state “fragrance”, as this term is broad and doesn’t tell much. Some fragrances have been associated with allergies, dermatitis and respiratory issues so best to stay away from the non-naturals here.


5. Steer Clear of Parabens & Other Yuckies

Synthetic preservatives, otherwise known as parabens, are used in almost all conventional beauty products, even some labeled as natural or plant-based (again, be sure to read your full ingredients list!). They have been linked to cancer and other hormonal changes, plus they may actually mess with your skin’s natural moisture factor leading to increased signs of ageing.

Karen Murrell are makers of 100% natural, premium lipsticks that look and feel just as good as the mainstream brands but without the added nasties. To learn more about Karen Murrell and her beautiful range of products follow this link here or you can get your hands on the Cordovan Natural colour inside the June Delight Box, on sale now here.

Now you’ve got the tools to start cleaning up and greening up your beauty routine, what are you waiting for?!xo