Your Self-Love Rituals For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that often comes unwelcomed, flooding us with messages of how our lives and relationships should look. All those red roses, date night deals and pink hearts can really take their toll. However, what is often overlooked when it comes to Valentine’s Day is the importance of providing yourself with the love you deserve. If you’re cringing at the thought of this upcoming holiday, perhaps open up your thoughts with a fresh new outlook. Turn this dreaded day on its head and welcome it with passion, meaning and love.

Here are our top tips for making the most of Valentine’s Day this year:

red-love-heart-old1. Celebrate Your Body

Too many of us waste our thoughts on berating our bodies and how we look. Too fat, too boney, too much cellulite, not enough tone, too many wrinkles… And the negative thoughts go on. We read magazines and follow social media accounts of perfect-looking models, wishing we looked just like them. What if, instead, we started complimenting our bodies and celebrating them for all they allow us to do? Celebrate your body this Valentine’s Day by taking part in some nourishing movement; a yoga or pilates class, a walk or run, a swim or paddle board. Grab a friend to take along with you if you need a bit of company too. Celebrate all that your body allows you to do and continue to nourish it rather than putting it down!

2. Treat Yo’Self

There’s nothing stopping you from treating yo’self this Valentine’s Day, regardless of whether someone else is treating you or not! What makes you feel super amazing? Is it a massage, a facial, a float, relaxing in peace with a great novel, eating out or something else? Book yourself an appointment, a restaurant reservation or some quiet time at the end of your work day. It’s something you can look forward to all day and you will leave feeling rejuvenated, light and loved.

3. Open Your Ears

There are so many different types of audio that can help to motivate, inspire and provide solace when you’re feeling down. Taking yourself out for a walk in nature while listening to your favourite, uplifting Spotify playlist is an easy ticket to a great mood! If this doesn’t sound inviting for you, settle into a quiet place, light some candles and indulge in your favourite essential oils as you journey through a guided meditation. Podcasts are another wonderful way to practice self-love this Valentine’s Day; our go-to feel good podcasts include The Melissa Ambrosini ShowOprah’s SuperSoul Sunday, Rich Roll, Lewis Howes and Yoga Girl. Start with one of these and you’re sure to feel enlightened!

4. Eat Your Heart Out

Get busy in the kitchen this Valentine’s Day and fill your insides with nourishing and delicious recipes! Cacao-based recipes are the best, as raw cacao is rich in antioxidants, minerals and natural mood-boosting compounds, such as anandamide and theobromine. These help level out mood imbalances and can even give you a little natural high feeling. Anandamide actually plugs into the “bliss” receptors in your brain, stimulating feel-good endorphins to be released… Which can increase the feelings of love you might feel. Perrrfect for Valentine’s. Check out this V Day recipe we have created for Raw Raspberry & Cacao Love Bites. For a warming, nourishing mid-morning or bedtime beverage, try out this Vegan Cashew Hot Cacao. Or for something a little more filling, this Quinoa Chocolate Pudding is perfect for you; your healthy take on a rich, chocolatey pudding but minus the nasties (gluten, dairy and refined sugars).

If you find yourself with mountains of leftovers, take them into work the following day and shower your colleagues with love too… They might need it more than you think!

Valentines HeartsUse this Valentine’s Day as a time to practice plenty of self-love, providing your body and mind with the love it deserves!xo