The Rise Of Health Tonics

Move aside green juice, Health Tonics are the new kid on the block.

We’re seeing our shop shelves filling up with natural drinks all over the show… YAY!

Health tonics are one of our go-tos as not only are they deliciously refreshing and can give you a boost at any time of day, but they have also been produced with medicinal benefits in mind so we know our insides are going to love us for it.

Herbal Tonics Aotea Tonics NZ Maori Traditional

Using nature’s leaves as a base, health tonics are produced by adding different combinations of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices to these leaves with the outcome being a drink that serves purpose to a specific health ailment. We can think of health tonics as another amazing natural remedy, particularly at this time of year to stave off those cold and flu symptoms that are still lingering.

Here at I AM Co. we love our health tonics made by the boys at Aotea Native Tonics. Inspired by traditional Maori herbal remedies, Aotea Tonics use native Maori leaves alongside unique combinations of herbs to create deliciously healing tonics. Kawakawa, Tea Tree, Horopito and Kumarahou leaves are used as the base for each of the four Aotea Native Tonics, each with their own specific health benefits in mind. Sustainably sourced ingredients and glass bottles too… What more could could we ask for?!

Aotea Tonics Drink

Kawakaka is a member of the pepper tree family, a Maori leaf commonly used as a base in tonics. It is best known as a blood purifier and anti-inflammatory that helps to ease digestive disorders, such as bloating. In a tasty mixture with peppermint leaves and chamomile leaves, Aotea’s Kawakaka Tonic is your is your new fave for settling digestive complaints and improving uptake of nutrients from your diet.

The Horopito Tonic is another fave in the I AM Co. office! The Horopito herb is best known for its antimicrobial activity, helping treat burns, rashes, scars and other inflammatory skin conditions. It’s also great for soothing tummy aches and helping alleviate stress and anxiety.

Start thinking of these health tonics as your daily medicine.

With no nasties added, they provide a fabulous antioxidant-rich drink that will elevate and enhance your day! Yes, please!

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