The Nutrient-Packed Nut You Should Eat More Of

Anyone else crazy for cashews like us?! With a brilliant, nutritionally packed crunch and enough goodness to satisfy your snacking cravings, cashews have always got us reaching for more. Eaten as is, doused and roasted in oil and herbs, coated in cinnamon or whipped up into your fave raw treat, it’s fair to say we are crazy for cashews! But there’s more to these tasty little morsels than meets the eye…


Did you know that cashews grow on trees and emerge from the bottom of a gloriously sweet Brazilian fruit, the “cashew apple”? Once ripe, the cashew fruit and nut are harvested individually by hand Hence why cashews can be slightly on the pricey side. This intricate process occurs because the shell has been found to be toxic and may cause skin irritations, therefore the nut must be removed from its shell.


Originating in Brazil, the cashew plant has traveled the world and is now also harvested in Western Africa, Southeast Asia and India, with the largest cashew producers today being Nigeria and India. In these countries the cashew plant is made into anything from butters and oils right through to jams and even alcohol.


What health benefits can cashews provide for you?

Despite having a lower overall fat and fibre content than most other nuts, cashews are jam-packed with monounsaturated heart-healthy fats (i.e. the good fats!), which help to keep your cardiovascular and heart health in tip top shape. They are also cholesterol-free and rich in antioxidants to further support a healthy heart.


Cashews are a great source of minerals like copper, magnesium and manganese, important for bone health, thyroid health, nerve health and regulating blood pressure.

Cashew Butter

Yummy ways to include cashews in your diet:

  • Cashew Butter… One of the creamiest, tastiest spreads you will ever eat! Spread this goodness over some warm bread, add it to your smoothies or top your muesli and fruit with a good dollop for a rich and delish topping.
  • Cashew Milk… Make a homemade batch of fresh cashew milk. It’s so super simple and the freshness is unbeatable! The perfect dairy-free milk option.
  • Cashew SnacksChaiGuy produces a delicious range of snack foods using cacao, chai and cashews as the key ingredients. The Cashew Nib Clusters make a delectable snack that provides you with essential vitamins and minerals and a crunchy, moreish texture.
  • Roasted Cashews… Roast up your own cashews at home with a lashing of olive oil or organic butter and your choice of rosemary, cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt or whatever else tickles your fancy. YUM for savoury snacks!
  • Raw Cake… Cashews make a great base for your raw “unbaking”. Make sure to soak them overnight so blending them up comes easy. If you’re looking for a decadent raw cake recipe, check out this Raw Snickers Layer Cake deliciousness.

ChaiGuy Snacks


ChaiGuy is a wonderful local brand producing honest, quality, affordable organic food ranging from nourishing cacao- and coconut-based products through to natural sweeteners and nutty snacks. ChaiGuy works hard to make organic goodies accessible and affordable to everyone! You can learn more about this awesome brand and purchase products online here.


Cashews are SO full of nutrition and with so many yummy ways to get them in your diet, why wouldn’t ya?! How do you eat your cashews? Let us know in the comments below xo