New Year, New You

Yep, it’s a new year!

2016 has arrived. It all starts now. It’s time to use every day an opportunity to nourish and grow in your body, mind and lifestyle.


ONLY YOU can choose what goes in your mouth, only you can choose how often you move that booty and only you can choose the words and actions that you do every day, that make up YOUR LIFE.

This could be a daunting realization, or a really exciting one!

This year, I have chosen to get really blumin’ excited.

I am in control. I am the driver of my life. I get to choose how and where it heads.

We now have SO much incredible knowledge and information at our disposal with the wellness world taking off (particularly online) and you can choose to get overwhelmed..

OR dive right into the deep end and take control of your body and your health and feel inspired by it all.

It’s now time to set shiny new intentions, goals and dreams.  It’s so important to get these down on paper so you officially put it out there (you know to the universe!) It’s like asking for what you’d like on a menu, you get to choose – so go BIG – order only the BEST for you.

I know A LOT of people right now are focused on intense #healthgoals or #bodygoals…and this is good but can also be dangerous – January is one of the months when gyms are full and diets are going off and then it all stops!

Treat your health as an ongoing relationship, make it your intention to work with your body to heal it and get it back into balance through long term and sustainable changes.

Make small changes today that’ll last for the long-haul…

~ Start each day with a large glass of warm water and fresh lemon or raw apple cider vinegar.

~ Move daily (walk, stretch, swim, yoga, dance, whatever makes you happy).

~ Practice gratitude (more powerful than you know!)

~ Drink your greens. Add a greens supplement to your daily smoothie – spirulina or chlorella to increase detoxification.

~ Sort your digestion out, include more clean fibre in your meals.  Vegetables, fruits & seeds like ground flax or chia seeds are all good options.

~ Cook more! Find websites, blogs or books with recipes that you love.  Prioritise meal prep and planning so you can enjoy home-cooked healthy meals throughout the week.

Just a few ideas to get you started!

Please share with us below- what changes will you make this year for your long-term health goals?

X Georgie