Our Mini Affirmations Guide

Affirmations are a wonderful and very effective way of bringing about an attitude of gratitude in your life. The use of positive affirmations on a daily basis can help manifest positive thoughts about yourself in your own head and when you have a more positive mindset, you have the ability to spread this around you. We’ve delved into our love for affirmations below and how powerful affirmations may be in your life too…

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a statement with a powerful meaning that you can repeat to yourself regularly to encourage positive thinking, self-belief and self-love. What is so awesome about affirmations is that after repeating a certain one, it will slowly become engrained in your subconscious. This may mean that you are able to show up as the best possible version of yourself on all occasions, without any additional effort.

Why We Love ‘Em

Affirmations are a great start on your journey to becoming more positive and practicing more self-love, simply by becoming more aware of your thoughts. When you are constantly repeating positive statements in your head you start to really notice when the negative thoughts slip in. The first step to squashing such thoughts is to simply notice when they pop in and to let them disappear without further thought. Repeating positive affirmations regularly will begin to brighten your whole mindset.

Affirmations may also help you to manifest your dreams. Ever heard the phrase “Where energy goes, energy flows”? This has a lot of truth to it. Use affirmations to focus your energy on what you are wanting to attract in your life and you will start to see these things come to fruition.

Incorporating Affirmations Into Your Life

Affirmations work best when used in the present tense, which is one of the reasons we love ‘I AM’. It’s also super important to say your affirmation in the positive form, for instance say “I AM strong and healthy” rather than “I AM not in pain today”… This will help you stay focused on the positive rather than dwelling on the negative.

It can be super powerful to write affirmations down somewhere, i.e. your journal (our I AM journal has ‘I AM’ prompts printed on each page to remind you – check it out here!). You can also jot them down on post-it notes and stick them in places where you will see them a lot e.g. your mirror, computer screen, fridge, the top of your yoga mat, bedside table… The options really are endless! You could even make your phone or computer wallpaper a pic of your fave affirmation to make sure you are checking in all the time.

10 Affirmations To Get Started

I AM flowing with creative energy

I AM accepting of myself just as I am

I AM full of love and gratitude

I AM light, I AM love

I AM open to receiving

I AM abundant

I AM doing my best in each and every moment

I AM attracting positive people and experiences

I AM nourished, healthy and full of energy

I AM in love with my life

So there you have it, a mini-guide to affirmations, now it’s time to get using them yourself!xo