How to Make the Most of Your Lunch Break

What you do in your lunch break can make all the difference in how your day at work pans out. Studies have shown that so much as 15 minutes of fresh air and a stretch of your legs throughout the day can go a long way in boosting your productivity. Taking a decent lunch break can give you greater motivation and energy, as well as lessen your chances of eyestrain, headaches and lower back pain. While we love our I AM Co. office space, we also know that removing ourselves for a small break is a great way to recharge the batteries and ensure we’re firing through the To Do list. Scroll through our 6 fave ways to make the most out of your lunch break…
Walking in Park

1. Take a Breath of Fresh Air

Getting outside and into nature has been proven to increase your productivity and is the ideal way to take a breather. Whether this involves a light stroll down the road, sitting down in your local park while you eat your lunch or doing some slightly higher intensity exercise, aim to do it outdoors when possible. Breathing in fresh air and surrounding yourself with beautiful nature is a wonderful way to clear your head and introduce some extra zing into your afternoon.


2. Meditate

When you feel life getting away on you and your To Do list growing by the minute, it’s time to stop, ground yourself and get your zen on. It’s during these chaotic periods that we need meditation the most and what better time to channel some mindfulness than your lunch break?! Take a stroll across to your local park or even wander around whilst you quietly contemplate. This may help you stay calm and focussed for the remainder of the day. There are plenty of apps, podcasts and YouTube videos that offer guided meditation if you are that way inclined. Check out Headspace to get started!


3. Get Active

With the darker mornings and shorter days upon us, morning and evening exercise can become a little more difficult. The solution? Utilising your lunch break to get active! There are plenty of gyms and studios that cater for lunchtime exercisers and joining up somewhere close to your office can make attending these lunchtime classes super easy. Alternatively, if you don’t have time (or the shower facilities) for a full workout in your lunch break, chuck your sneakers on and head outdoors for a walk. Got a midday meeting? See if you can change it to a walking meeting! Getting active in your lunch break is a great way to get that endorphin buzz and you’re sure to see the afternoon through with plenty of energy and vitality.


4. Run Some Errands

Use your lunch break to tick off some of those slightly less exciting tasks rather than delaying until the weekend. Posting a parcel, booking a dentist appointment, stocking up on pantry supplies or buying your Mum’s birthday present… Your lunch break is a great time to tackle these errands, allowing you to give them that satisfying tick off the list, as well as giving you the opportunity to get away from the office and switch off for a moment or two. Win-win!


5. Socialise

Catching up with friends and family in the middle of your working day is a great way to break up the day and get some enjoyment out of your lunch break. For that small amount of time in the middle of your day, you can feel like your weekend brunching rather than in the middle of your working week. What a treat!


6. Read

A great way to unwind during your lunch break is to read an interesting blog, news articles or even a book. No matter what you’ve got going on in your day, reading something different than just your work emails will allow your mind to momentarily escape so you can come back refreshed and ready to take on a productive afternoon. Reading will often enhance your knowledge in one way or another so not only are you allowing your brain a small break but you are also learning something new, giving yourself some extra fun facts and knowledge to move forward with.

Magazines and Books

How do you switch off during your lunch break? We’re always looking for new tips and tricks! Let us know in the comments below xo