How To Stay Balanced This Easter

The Easter break is almost upon us! For most of us, this means a few extra days off work or study, time to spend with family and friends, relaxation and enjoying some delicious food and treats. It can be super easy to overindulge at this time so here’s a few tips to find some balance over the break:

1. Choose quality over quantity

When choosing Easter eggs, go for those that contain high-quality dark chocolate. Pick eggs that have a higher percentage of cocoa – ideally over 70%. Dark chocolate has more antioxidants, and you’re less likely to chow down the whole egg in one sitting! Savour each mouthful and (try to) stop eating when you feel full.

2. Balance Out Your Food Choices

Make sure you enjoy your Easter treats and goodies but balance out your day by having a lighter breakfast (a green smoothie is a great option), a hearty salad for lunch and some decent protein with loads of vegetables for dinner. If you’re getting together with family or friends for a special meal, fill most of your plate with vegetables to avoid feeling tooo heavy after the meal.

3. Shift Your Focus From Food To Fun

Easter doesn’t have to be all about the food. Sure, make sure you enjoy your choccie or a delicious meal but make the time to get out and about; go for a hike or hit the bike trails. Some activity, even just 30 minutes, will keep your health and wellbeing on track during the break.

4. Make Homemade Treats

By making your own Easter goodies you’ll know exactly what’s in them. Store bought treats are usually laden with sugar and other unnecessary ingredients. Try some of these chocolate recipes from our blog, our faves are the Quinoa Chocolate Pudding, Raw Chai Spiced Hot Cross Donuts, Hazelnut & Cacao Slab or our Raw Raspberry & Cacao Love Bites.

5. Stick To Smart Snacking

As much as it can be tempting to dive straight into the Easter eggs first thing in the morning, keep the chocolate for dessert. Eating chocolate on an empty stomach can lead to a spike in blood sugar levels, followed by a crash in energy levels which will lead to craving more sugary food! Stick to your normal way of eating as much as possible – healthy, protein-packed snacks are ideal.

6. Keep the Easter eggs for Easter!

It sounds simple but supermarkets seem to put all the Easter goodies out earlier and earlier each year and it can be tempting to load the trolley up well before the Easter break. Make a deal with yourself to enjoy a few extra treats but keep them to the long weekend. If you acquire loads of extras – share the love with family and friends, clear the cupboards or the fridge when the break is over. This will avoid too much temptation!

Remember at the end of the day, a few days of indulging definitely isn’t the end of the world and you should never feel guilty for enjoying yourself with family and friends. Keep ‘balance’ in mind; enjoy a wholesome meal followed by your favourite choccie dessert, throw in some activity and you’ll no doubt have a very Happy Easter!