Our Gratitude Practice and Why You Need One Too

Something that we are super passionate about here at I AM Co. is having an ‘attitude of gratitude’. Like attracts like so when you focus on the positive things in your life you inevitably attract more positive things… Yup, it really can be that easy! There are many ways you can introduce gratitude into your life but the most powerful and effective way we have found is with a gratitude journal.

Gratitude journaling is a habit that many successful people use daily to manifest their goals and bring their dreams into reality. Some of our personal faves who swear by their daily gratitude practice include Dr Libby, Melissa Ambrosini, Rachel Brathen (Yoga Girl) and Oprah! Follow our easy steps below to start living life with a grateful heart…

I AM GratefulFind the Perfect Journal

First thing’s first, there’s nothing better than sitting down to a fresh journal, so treat yourself to a beautiful and simple journal that inspires you to write. If you are on the hunt for a super affordable and inspiring journal to get you started, check out the I AM Journal here. The I AM Journal has been created with YOU in mind, to help you start your own journaling practice.

Once you have found your perfect journal think about what time of day is most suited to you for committing to this practice. We find mornings are great to help set the tone for the day ahead, while evenings are ideal for reflecting. Bonus points for doing both!

Get Writing

So you’ve got your journal and now it’s time to get grateful! Find a quiet space for yourself with little or no distractions (even if it is just for five minutes!) and note down everything you are grateful for in that moment. It could be as simple as your breath or having food in the pantry, or it could be something more specific like the new job you’ve just started or the love you have for your family. Whatever it may be, as you write each point down take a deep breath and really feel the gratitude for each of these blessings in your life, rather than absent-mindedly scribing.

I AM JournalCreate a Habit

It can take up to 21 full days to cultivate a habit that will really stick so make sure you aim to write in your journal each and every day for the first few weeks. Hopefully this daily practice will then become a non-negotiable part of your day, just like showering or brushing your teeth.

Tips & Tricks

A great way to finish your gratitude journaling practice each day is with a special affirmation. Each day write I AM followed by an affirmation that you want to embody that day… I AM Powerful, I AM Blessed, I AM Confident, I AM Grateful. This can be a super powerful tool to encourage positive thinking, a calm mindset and to reassure yourself of how amazing you really are.

Want to manifest something in your life? Write it down alongside everything else you are grateful for as if you are already grateful for it. It might sound crazy but trust us, it works! Do this consistently and you will blow yourself away with what you are capable of manifesting in your life.

What are you grateful for today? Let us know in the comments below xo