Festive Overwhelm ?

At a time when we’re supposed to feel elated and excited, often the opposite can occur.

We begin to feel overwhelmed with the increased demands and pressures that all of a sudden present themselves in December.

We realise our beloved holiday, ‘Christmas’ is only weeks away, our workloads start to pile up, social demands & late nights increase, gift shopping doesn’t get done and before we know it – eeek, we’re in overwhelm.

There’s a few simple things you can do each day in the lead up to Christmas that will really help you to stay centered and on top.  After all, it’s a time that we want to enjoy and soak up!

The overwhelm is something i’ve noticed in myself and many others, so we’ve collated our top tips for helping us to stay ‘sane’ during this hustle bustle time…

Drink your greens

This simple trick will help you in a number of ways.  If you make a green smoothie the night before, time is SAVED in your precious mornings. Plus you’ll have a delicious cocktail of dense nutrients and hydration at the ready, helping your energy levels, your waistline and your mood.  Drinking greens first thing also eases the pressure a little if they don’t feature in your lunch or dinner.  Try these recipes here or here


Sleep is often one of the first things to go during these busy weeks. We have late night events, early morning bootcamps and deadlines at work or home to attend to. The best option here is to find a sleeping routine and stick to it but this is often unrealistic. If you’re wired and your brain feels like it may explode with busy-ness, keep a pen and paper beside your bed. Plan out and schedule what needs to get done the following day- this will take 5 minutes. While you’re at it, write a few Gratitude Notes or Affirmations for yourself.

Also, if you know caffeine has an effect on your energy levels, make sure you avoid it in the afternoon. With alcohol, it can really hinder sleep quality so if you’re feeling rundown, learn to politely decline certain events and parties..a hangover has never helped anyone.

Sunshine / Breath

It’s important to get outside during this time. In the Southern Hemisphere, we’re lucky, the sun is out! So, if you set aside even 5 minutes to walk outside, the sun on your bare skin and your breath a little deeper into the belly, you will almost instantly feel calm. Deep belly breathing signals to your nervous system that you’re safe (calm) and the sunshine on bare skin increases endorphins. Win win!

Lists lists lists

Lists are key to productivity and gaining clarity. We all have the same amount of hours each day, so we just have to take control (where possible) as to how we spend each one. It’s too easy to waste an hour aimlessly browsing Instagram. Christmas shopping can be a giant source of overwhelm, so put aside an hour to focus solely on the task – write down who needs to be bought for, your top gift ideas, your budget & the deadlines for sending. This creates mental space in your brain and it’s like taking a load off. Make the lists clear, easy to read and navigate. Consider shopping online this year to avoid the chaotic crowds.


Taking the time to do even just 15 minutes of movement helps with overwhelm and perspective more than anything.  This might mean putting on music and gettin’ your dance on, tackling the nearest hill or flowing through some morning sun salutations. Although exercise is great for the physical body it is especially amazing for our mental state.  As we shift things around through jumping, running, stretching or swimming and as our breath deepens – we create more space in the body and more space in the mind. Yoga is a fantastic way to feel this at a deeper level. Say goodbye to overwhelm!

What’s your favourite way to get out of overwhelm or stress at this time of year…?

Please share with us, it’s so nice to bounce ideas off each other to increase the mindfulness and awareness around this, particularly at this time of year!

Plus, if you know anyone who could benefit from this article, share around xo