Eating Healthy On a Budget

With a huge emphasis on getting ultimate nutrition through what you eat to reach optimal health, you might be left wondering how you can be expected to afford this healthy lifestyle. However, when you strip back to the basics of a nourishing diet it can actually be cheaper to make strides towards balanced nutrition as opposed to sticking to generic store-brand foods, or even worse, processed and fast foods. Below we’ve shared some helpful strategies for budget-conscious shoppers to maintain your wholesome diet without breaking the bank:

Make Lists

Start by getting an idea of what you would like to cook for the week ahead based on what staples you’ve already got on hand. Then compile a list of all the extra ingredients you will need. When you go to purchase try and stick to this list and not get sucked in by any tantalising offers. It’s also best to shop on a full stomach so you’re not grabbing for quick, easy snacks to fill that empty gap!


Browse Before Buying

Rather than opting for the easiest supermarket or other food market, have a browse around various shops and markets even if this does end up taking a little extra time. Stocking up on pantry staples from a number of locations may yield the greatest bargain. Supermarkets and other food retailers almost always have at least something discounted so perusing these spots is an undeniably frugal way to shop.


Prep Your Food

Once you’ve found your cheapest deals on the best produce, time to put them to good use by prepping your meals and even some snacks for the week ahead. Too often we find ourselves going through the first step of stocking up on all the goodness, only to see it rot away in the fridge as we don’t find the time or right meals to use it before its best before. Sunday afternoons are always a good time to gather your ingredients together, check up on your favourite foodie blogs and sites for some recipe inspo and concoct a lunch of champions to last you for at least the first few days of the week.

Plant-Based Power

With the latest research pointing us towards eating more plant-based foods, you might find it’s not just your body loving you for embracing this trend but also your bank account. Meat alternatives commonly consumed on vegan and vegetarian diets, such as tofu, beans and lentils, can be significantly cheaper than similar amounts of chicken or beef. Not to mention you won’t need to eat as much, as these meat alternatives can be a lot more satiating.

Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market

Not only are Farmer’s Markets the best way to support your local farmers and foodie companies but there are always great finds that you may not come across elsewhere. If you have a Farmer’s Market nearby your home or workplace, this is the best way to purchase organic produce and discover fun new muesli companies, breads and even raw treaties as opposed to what you might pay for similar products at a high-priced emporium. Not to mention the quality of freshly sourced ingredients and hand-made food products that always outweighs the convenience of a mainstream store. To maximise your markets experience; choose in-season produce, make the most of taste testers and head along for an hour or two to soak up the atmosphere and grab yourself a delicious and easy breakie or lunch.

What are your tips and tricks for being conscious of your spending on wholesome, nourishing foods? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!xo