Why You Should Be Eating Chia…If You’re Not Already

Chia seeds are a powerhouse of amazing nutrients and there are so many fun, easy ways we can include these tasty little seeds into our diet. Read on to find out why we should all be including chia seeds in our diets, in one way or another!

Chia seeds Omegas Health Benefits Blog I AM Co

1. Get yo omegas!

Chia seeds contain an impressive amount of omega-3, those healthy fats we all need in our diets. Not only are omegas amazing for heart health (which by the way is important for us to consider at all ages!), but they are also great for boosting immunity, nurturing brain health and treating inflammation throughout the body, just to name a couple of great things.

2. Packed full to the brim with fibre

Chia seeds are great little fibre boosters that will fill you up, and keep you full too! Consuming sufficient fibre in our diets is key for optimal health, particularly for healthy digestion and stabilisation of blood sugar and insulin levels.

We love munching away on our Superfood Chia Bars as a mid-avo snack here at I AM Co, because they keep us going for our evening exercise and right through until dinnertime. The best thing about these tasty little morsels is that each and every ingredient is in its most natural form without having undergone any processing that might denature the nutrients. They are in their purest, simplest, most bioavailable form. We treat these snack bars like our multivitamin in a bar!

Chia seeds Omegas Health Benefits Blog I AM Co

3. Strengthen those bones

Rich in calcium and phosphorus, chia seeds are a great addition to your diet if you are wanting to upkeep strong, healthy bones. Both of these important minerals are in constant turnover within our bodies, therefore getting sufficient dietary supply is super important for strong bones and great health. But wait, there’s more! Phosphorus also has a role in synthesising protein to repair cells and tissues, therefore will help your body heal and repair more quickly.

4. See your energy levels soar

The unique combination of nutrients found in chia are fantastic for providing slow and sustained energy release throughout the body. Consume at any time of day to pack a big punch and see your energy levels soar through the roof!

At I AM Co, we love to soak our chia seeds overnight to activate them first so we can really tap into their awesome health benefits. Let us know your favourite way to eat chia seeds in the comments below!

Published by Annabel Roydhouse, in-house Nutritionist & Health Editor.

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